What is the HV RBE-RN? 
HV RBE-RN stands for "Hudson Valley Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network."

What do we do?
Under the direction of the NYS Education Department Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (NYSED OBE-WL), the HV RBE-RN provides support and technical assistance to English language learner (ELL) educators in 144 public school districts across the lower- and mid-Hudson region.

ELL services and support are also provided to charter schools, non-public schools and other organizations (universities, regional educational organizations, etc.) as well as for world language (WL) students within the State’s P-16 initiative.

Please consult our website frequently for latest information on programs and initiatives. We strive to make available relevant information and documentation that will support services provided to our students and parents!

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