Hudson Girls Cross Country

Hudson Girls Cross Country

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9th place team at the 2018 OHSAA Division I State Championship!
2018 GlenOak Invitational, Suburban League Superduals, Boardman Spartan, Vertical Runner Strongsville, and Stow Bulldog Invitational Champions; Runners-up in the 2018 Suburban League National Conference
2017 Suburban League National Conference Champions
2017 District Champions
2017 NEO Regional Champions
4th place team at the 2017 OHSAA Division I State Championship


                                                Welcome to the 2018 Season!

For team updates, follow us on Twitter: @hudsongirlsxc  
Runner Remind Code (for updates from captains): Text @hudxc2018 to 81010. 

                                                                      For Baum's Page RACE RESULTS, click HERE.

For our 2018 parent guide, click HERE.

Congratulations to our RUNNERS OF THE WEEK: 

Week 1: Ashley DiPenti, Kayla Roumie, and Caroline Groff along with medalists Brenna Beucler, Emma Hannan, Tori Liesen, Sydney Gallagher, Sophia Bogoniewski, Margaret Moffitt, and Mary Castrigano. 
Week 2: Natalie Brown, Jordan Gallegos, Riley Gaynor (1st place in the open race), Constance Loring, Delaney Moll, and Sarah Weldon.
Week 4: Jordyn Hopgood, Sarah Cypcar, Nicole Jurado, Brenna Beucler (Cinderella), Mary Castrigano, Subi Simmons, Sarah Weldon, Katherine Travis, Josie Cartella, Natalie Boyson, Madison Yerkey, Erin Morgan, Holly Poremba, Sophia Ricard, and Jordan Seiple.
Kick of the week: Ali Menendez, Caroline Groff, Makenna Rickey, Lily Edwards and Lucia Durfee.
Week 5: We honor Samantha Davis and dedicate our runner of the week award to her.
Week 6: Ella Fagan, Abby Moran, and Margaret Moffitt
QUEENS OF THE HILL: Corinne Agnor, Jordan Seiple, and Caroline Ricard.
Week 7: Victoria Debro, Emma Rygh, Abby Wickerham, Megan Smith, Allison Katitus, Katarina Palmman, and Sydney Gallagher and award winners who finished in the top 25 of their race this weekend: Brenna Beucler, Emma Hannan, Sydney Gallagher, Tori Liesen, Nicole Jurado, Subi Simmons, Katarina Palmman, Jordyn Hopgood, Caroline Groff (1st place in the open race!), Amy Fulton, Sophia Bogoniewski, Margaret Moffitt, Constance Loring, Riley Gaynor, Jordyn Farley, and Katherine Travis.
Week 8: OUR SENIORS! Corinne Agnor, Brettny Bellanco, Maya Bogoniewski, Mary Castrigano, Sarah Cypcar, Ashley DiPenti, Allie Mehelic, Margaret Moffitt, Delaney Moll, Katarina Palmman, Holly Poremba, Eve Ramlow, Caroline Ricard, Sophia Ricard, Bridget Sciartelli, Katherine Travis, and Abby Wickerham. Thanks for your dedication to our team and best of luck in your future endeavors!
Week 9: Emmaline Hannan
Week 10: Sarah Weldon

Hudson Explorers Cross Country: 2018 Schedule

Buses depart from and drop off in the back lot off Stow Road.

**Please note that not every runner will compete in every meet and race times have not yet been published, so we do not have bus times yet. You will receive updates as soon as we have them. Thank you for your patience and support! We appreciate you!


Meet Name



August 25

GlenOak Golden Eagle Invitational

Bus @ 7:30 am

GlenOak High School

1801 Schneider Street NE, Canton, OH 44721

Saturday  September 1

Suburban League Super Duals

Bus @ 7:10 am

Silver Creek Metro Park

4325 South Medina Line Road, Norton, OH 44203


September 8

Wooster Invitational

Bus @ 7:00 am

Wooster High School

15 Oldman Road,

Wooster, OH 44691

Saturday  September 15

Boardman Spartan Invitational

Bus @ 10:40am

Boardman High School

7777 Glenwood Avenue, Boardman, OH 44512

Saturday September 22

Vertical Runner Strongsville Invitational

Bus @ 8:00 am

Strongsville High School

20025 Lunn Road,

Strongsville, OH 44149

Saturday September 29

Woodridge CVNP Invitational

Bus @ 9:55 am

Pine Hollow / Kendall Hills

5465 Quick Road,

Peninsula, OH 44264


October 6

Stow Bulldog Invitational

***Pink out!

Bus @ 7:15 am

Silver Springs Park

5027 Stow Road,

Stow, OH 44224


October 11

Suburban League Meet

Early release from school @ 1:45 pm; bus @ 2pm.

Silver Creek Metro Park

4325 South Medina Line Road, Norton, OH 44203


October 20

District Meet (*must qualify)

Bus @ 12:20 pm

Trumbull County Fairgrounds

899 Everett Hull Rd,

Cortland, OH 44410


October 27

Regional Meet (*must qualify)

Bus @ 12:15 pm

Boardman High School

7777 Glenwood Avenue, Boardman, OH 44512


November 3

State Meet (*must qualify)

National Trail Raceway

650 National Road SW,

Hebron, OH 43025