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It's FunkoPop Time!!!!!!!!!! 

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It's the shelf that is inspiring a month long project,


What if Picasso was from Hubbard Oh, and not Spain, 
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Marcus Art III and Isaac Art II

After collecting over 200 letters written for over 50 teachers in Hubbard Schools. We will be recognizing the winning teacher on the first day back for all Hubbard staff members.  The panel included representatives from WFMJ, The Butler Museum of Art, the Trumbull County Educational Service Center, and the Warren Municipal Court.  

I have never been so proud of an en devour in my 16 years of teaching as I was to present this award and honor a great friend, colleague, and teacher to another great educator.  

Congrats to Tracy Hoover, our first ever recipient of the 

Linda Slater Memorial for Inspiration in Education.  



See how this movie inspired a month long focus on the work and life of Vincent Van Gogh
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