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March  2014

We are having a "hands off" meeting on Friday March 28th.  Lisa Chapman-Sorci will be our guide as we explore The Healing Connection: An Introduction to Energy Healing and Traditional Japanese Reiki. 

Our monthly meeting in April will focus on The Science of Interconnectedness: Personal and Planetary Healing through the Web of Life.

In addition to our monthly meetings, SacIONS offers small  discovery groups that meet monthly for meditation, Chi-gong, video viewing, and deep conversation.  

Following the calendar of events is our detailed newsletter with dates, times, and locations of all of our events.

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Inner Work Group
Experience a silent meditation in a group.


Chi-Gong & More: Body, Mind, Spirit
Dr. Bob Blackstone guides the exercises, followed by a video or CD and discussion.


Video Viewing Circle
Touch Positive Oregon (10 minutes)
Spoken Word By Jay Ivy (30 minutes)
The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers & Joseph Campbell (60 minutes)


Monthly Discover Group
'The Mind-Body Connection' The Science of Good Health and Happiness
Presented by Lisa Chapman-Sorci


Monthly General Meeting 7PM at the Arden Dimick Library
The Healing Connection: An Introduction to Energy Healing & Traditional Japanese Reiki
Presented by Lisa Chapman-Sorci 


The Science of Interconnectedness: Personal and Planetary Healing through the Web of Life


Video Viewing Circle
Videos to be annoucned


Video Viewing Circle
Videos to be announced


Video Viewing Circle
Videos to be announced
March Monthly Meeting

Friday, March 28, 2014  ---  7 PM at the Arden Dimick Libaray at Watt and Northrup.
The Healing Connection: An Introduction to Energy Healing and Traditional Japanese Reiki
Presented by Lisa Chapman-Sorci 
IMTA Accredited Meditation Teacher 
Certified Komyo Reiki Teacher/Practitioner
Eastern medical philosophy views disease as a physical expression of imbalanced energy, and everything is energy: the physical body, our thoughts and our emotions. When there is balance, there is good health and happiness.
There are many forms of energy healing that are now being practiced in the west, the most popular being Reiki, or more correctly, Usui Reiki Ryoho.
Join us as Komyo Reiki Shihan (teacher), Lisa Chapman-Sorci guides us on a tour of Reiki’s history. Learn how Traditional Japanese Reiki can be a source of balance and healing on all levels: physical, emotional and mental as well as being a stand-alone spiritual path ultimately leading to enlightenment.
Each attendee will receive an open Reiki attunement and Lisa will guide us through a self-healing meditation.
Come experience what TV’s Dr. Oz says, "may be ultimately the most important alternative medicine treatment of all"

April Monthly Meeting
The Science of Interconnectedness:
 Personal and Planetary Healing through the Web of Life
The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Friday, April 25, at the Arden-Dimick Library, on the corner of Watt and Northrop avenues. 

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, many environmental activists have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of our air and water, to save endangered species, and to change the way we live upon Gaia. Yet we have only to look around us to see the continuing grave dangers to our home planet.  After 44 years of Earth Days, society remains ignorant of its connection to the Web of Life, which noetic scientists like Lynne McTaggert are calling the Field. Due to this ignorance, our collective thoughts, words and actions continue to lead us down a path of global ecological collapse. 
Join SacIONS at our April 25 meeting to discuss how our consciousness, energy, and love can heal and protect Gaia – the global organism we are all a part of. We will begin by watching IONS President and CEO Cassandra Vieten's TED Talk: “The Science of Interconnectedness” to get us grounded in the noetic science behind the topic. We will then discuss and practice a technique pioneered by David Spangler, a world-renowned mystic, author, and teacher of Incarnational Spirituality. He calls it “subtle activism,” and it does not involve carrying picket signs, signing petitions or begging people for donations to environmental causes.

Subtle activism creates a line of supportive energy between the individual and other people, animals, plants and geographical locations. As David explained it in a recent newsletter, we begin this work by centering ourselves in the sacred universal Presence of compassion and love. Then we unite our own capacity for compassion and love with the universal. Having established that first line, we imagine a line of Light extending out to another person, communicating that that person is not alone but is connected to the Source of love and support. Continue adding people by extending the line of Light to them. This creates a subtle web of energy filled with Light, attaching all of us to the “trunk,” or the universal Presence.

The idea is to support the arising of compassion organically and naturally within people’s hearts. We can radiate these supportive lines of Light throughout the environment, perhaps focusing on especially problematic areas in the world (because of armed conflicts, natural or man-made disasters like the Fukushima nuclear meltdown and the resulting tsunami, floods or droughts). Subtle activism reminds us that not only is all life is connected, but that our consciousness and love can affect those bonds. Through meditation, energy work, intention and Love, we can consciously participate in the weaving of the Web of Life, thus transforming and co-creating the world around us.

This method of healing and co-creation is reminiscent of the Native American myth of Spider Woman, the Mother who created all life. She sits in the middle of the universe spinning her web connecting all living things to each other. 

March Discovery Groups
Thursday March  20, 2014
From 7 to 9:30 p.m. at Dr. Bob Blackstone’s home, 9401 Mira Del Rio Drive, Sacramento (near Folsom & Bradshaw). If you need help with directions, call (916) 369-7719.

A new Discovery Group started in SacIONS in January 2013, and will continue monthly in 2014 as well.  Together, we have explored a mixture of activities aimed at enhancing the body, mind, and spirit of each of us.  This goal includes the practice of Chi-Gong or Qi-Gong (sometimes called Chinese Yoga), using exercises learned from a variety of master teachers.  We have also begun using a series of CDs by Dr. Hank Wesselman and his wife Jill Kuykendall on “The Spiritwalker Teachings”, which provide wonderful teachings from the Hawaiian kahuna perspective about the Shamanic wisdom and healing practices. These teachings are sure to stimulate our minds and spirits in discussion and sharing our own experiences, and the CDs also include drumming exercises to assist us in shamanic meditation and journeying.  Including the practice of Chi-Gong and the use of “The Spiritwalker Teachings”, we anticipate an enjoyable and valuable discovery experience together. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
'The Mind-Body Connection' The Science of Good Health and Happiness
Join us the fourth Tuesday of each month 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Healing Alternatives Meditation Center
Suite 202, 6920 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael, CA 
This Meetup will focus on connectedness of mind and body to help increase our understanding of how our thoughts, words and actions have a direct affect on our physical reality.
Some of the topics we will explore include reiki, meditation, hypnotherapy, stress management, guided imagery, qigong, yoga and more. We will discuss the research of forward thinking scientists and authors such as Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, Beverly Rubik, Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton and Cassandra Veiten.

Video Viewing Circle  
SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014
All sessions start at 2:30 p.m., run until about 5:30 or 6 p.m. and will be held at my place….

Thanks to all of you who donated to the Ryan's Well Foundation --  I sent off $200 to them last week!

TOUCH POSITIVE OREGON (10 minutes) (Description provided by John Bear and Janet Walden)

John Bear recommended this video to us. It highlights a group in Oregon that is exploring the importance of touch in our lives.  We’ve all heard of the critical role of touch to babies—including the remarkable fact that even if fed and clothed, if a baby is not touched it will not thrive.  Touch Positive Oregon organizes “snuggles” where people gather to experience the power of touch.  John provided the following quotes from Touch Positive’s organizers:
  •  "When we gather together for a snuggle, we create a special atmosphere that one might call sacred. I notice that I feel closer to people I’ve physically held. I come away from a snuggle feeling as though I had a deeper connection with others than I am used to having at gatherings that are talk only.”
  • "I remember the first snuggle I ever attended. I couldn’t believe that I could feel so close to someone I barely knew. It reminded me of the spiritual recommendation to see universal consciousness in everyone’s eyes. I realized that I could care about and feel connected on a deep level to people who were quite different than me.”
  • "Words can separate us into categories. At the kind of gathering most of us are used to going to, sporty people talk to others interested in sports. Artists find one another, as do IT people, people with PhD’s, and intellectuals. But at a snuggle, touch negates categories. Touch does not discriminate. Touch by-passes the need for small talk. An artist, intellectual, or high school dropout are the same level of cuddle-ability. 
SPOKEN WORD By Jay Ivy (30 minutes) (Description provided by Janet Walden)

Jay Ivy delivered a powerful and moving performance at the IONS international conference last summer.  Here is the description from the conference brochure: “Grammy Award-winning spoken-word poet and three-time HBO Def Poet, Ivy blurs the boundaries between teacher and poet, sharing his hopes, pains, and fears with crystalline precision.  His performances are a mechanism for healing both himself and others.”

THE POWER OF MYTH, Episode #2 – a Bill Moyers interview of Joseph Campbell (60 minutes) (Description provided by Janet Walden)

We watched Episode #1 in December and all agreed it was very good and that we would continue to view the remaining episodes in subsequent months.  Although we had scheduled Episode #2 for January, we had such a lengthy discussion of our first film (Symphony of the Soil) that we never got to it!  So, we are screening Episode #2 now in March.

We have the new 25th anniversary edition, which includes new introductions from Bill Moyers for each episode, extended conversations with Campbell from Bill Moyers Journal (105 min.), and selections from Moyers’ interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas (33 min.) We can decide later if we want to screen these special segments in the future. 

This seminal PBS series on world mythology was recently called “Dazzling and still potently relevant” by the San Francisco Chronicle.  Here is a bit of info on Campbell and Moyers, plus a description of the series from Amazon.  Joseph Campbell taught for nearly 40 years at Sarah Lawrence College; he authored and edited scores of books and inspired generations of scholars and artists.   Journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at PBS, CBS, NBC, and Newsday; his many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy® and Peabody awards.  Twenty-five years ago, renowned scholar Joseph Campbell sat down with veteran journalist Bill Moyers for a series of interviews that became one of the most enduringly popular programs ever aired on PBS. In dialogues that adroitly span millennia of history and far-flung geography, the two men discuss myths as metaphors for human experience and the path to transcendence, touching on topics as diverse as world religion, heroic figures, and pop culture.

In Episode #2—The Message of the Myth, Moyers and Campbell compare creation myths from the Bible and elsewhere, and talk about how religions and mythologies need to change with time in order to maintain their relevance in peoples’ lives. 

Our upcoming dates are:
Sunday April 27
Sunday May 18
Sunday June 22
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