About Us

SacIONS,the Sacramento Community of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, is a non-profit membership organization that is affiliated with and supports the programs of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in its vision and mission to explore the frontiers of consciousness. SacIONS presents programs that expand the understanding of human possibility by investigating aspects of mind, consciousness, and spirit.

SacIONS holds meetings that may include well-known national and local speakers from organizations that reflect our vision and mission as well as topics presented by members. The meetings are held locally and often include co-presenting with other non-profit organizations.

SacIONS supports and encourages the creation of study groups by its members. These groups bring diversity of perspective and foster connection through exploration, dialogue, and service. Each group is self-organizing and self-directed. Their endeavors can result in a presentation at one of the general meetings, increasing the knowledge and wisdom of all members.


SacIONS investigates the “Noetic Sciences” which bring objective scientific methods together with the deep wisdom of inner knowing to explore the mysteries of consciousness. Noetic sciences explore the "inner cosmos" of the mind (consciousness, soul, spirit) and how it relates to the "outer cosmos" of the physical world.


SacIONS supports our personal and collective quest for healing, wholeness, connection, transformation and community-building and contributes to bringing about a humane, sustainable and peaceful world.

  • Explores the frontiers of consciousness
  • Builds bridges between science and spirit
  • Investigates subtle energies and the powers of healing
  • Inquires into the science of love, forgiveness, and gratitude
  • Studies the effects of consciousness and compassionate worldviews
  • Practices freedom of thought and freedom of spirit