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Kindergarten & New Student Registration

Kindergarten & New Student registration! 

Welcome!!  Please work with the main office to secure all the necessary paperwork to enroll your child in school.  New Jersey law requires certain vaccinations and a current health physical be included in the registration packet in order to attend school. 

A current physical is one that was completed and signed by a medical professional within the previous 365 days from the first day of schoolIf the physical expires prior to the first day of school, a new physical is required.  A current physical is also required for children who are transitioning from our Pre-K program to Kindergarten.  Please download and use the Universal Child Health Form for physicals (other than sports starting in grade 3). 

Attached is information about New Jersey vaccine requirements (K12 Parents for students in K-12 and NJ Preschool documents) and a downloadable universal child health physical form.  You can also click here for more information about vaccine requirements in New Jersey. Your medical provider can supply copies of your child's vaccination records to you for inclusion in the packet.  All immunizations and physicals are reviewed for compliance per state law.  

The following is an excerpt from the State of New Jersey Department of Health:"...To prevent some of the most serious infections, the New Jersey school immunization rules, Immunization of Pupils in Schools (N.J.A.C. 8:57-4) require students to receive a series of immunizations prior to attendance at school. In addition, schools are required to enforce requirements, maintain records, and submit annual reports to the state and their respective local health department" (NJDOH, 6/22/2017    

An excellent resource is the Sussex County Office of Public Health Nursing. They can answer questions and also offer free physicals, screenings and age appropriate vaccinations for children aged 0-5 who do not have health insurance. The Sussex County Office of Public Health Nursing website is  Their phone number is 973-579-0570.  

Students must be in compliance with New Jersey law in order to attend school.  All immunizations and physicals must be received by August 15 or your child may not be able to attend school on September 8.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 973-723-8000 x8220 prior to July 28.  After July 28 the nurse's office will be closed until early September.  Please call the main office for assistance.

Please note the importance of obtaining subsequent medical examinations for your child at least once during each developmental stage: at early childhood (preschool through grade three), pre-adolescence (grade four through six), and adolescence (grade seven through 12).



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