Welcome! I am teaching 6th grade Resource Language Arts and 6th grade Resource Math.  Also, I am the in-class support teacher for 6th grade Science and Social Studies.

Here is my contact information:  
   email  cdantuono@htps.org
   phone:  (973)-823-7000  ext. 2070

Please check this site weekly for updates.

Let's have a great year together!!!!

Update for week ending 4/13/13:

Language Arts-- Over the past week, the students have been reading the novel, Number the Stars. As we read, we are identifying important details with regard to characters, plot and figurative language. After our research on the Holocaust and viewing the film "The Book Thief"  before spring break, students are familiar with the events in this period of history. Accompanying the reading of the book are packets with guided questions that will help students focus their reading, along with some short writing assignments. All of the reading is being done in class, and some students have opted to listen to it with headphones. 
Math-  Last week we began our unit on basic algebra. Students have been working on solving algebraic equations when given the numbers to use, and also working on converting words and phrases into algebraic expressions. We will have our first quiz on these two  skills on Thursday 4/19.  Students are encouraged to keep up with their homework.