This is my first year at Hardyston, and I am very excited to be here.  I am teaching 6th grade Resource Language Arts and 6th grade Resource Math.  Also, I am the in-class support teacher for 6th grade Science and Social Studies.

Here is my contact information:  
   email  cdantuono@htps.org
   phone:  (973)-823-7000  ext. 2070

Please check this site weekly for updates.

Let's have a great year together!!!!

Update for week ending 5/26/17:

Language Arts-- Last week we finished reading the Holocaust novel, "Number the Stars" and took a final test.  The students really enjoyed this story. The remainder of the school year will be spent with Vocabulary Workshop, grammar and the writing of an informational essay.
Math-  We have begun a unit on geometry and will be learning the formulas for finding area of various shapes.
 Let's keep working hard during the home stretch and finish strong!!!!