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 Welcome Hardyston Middle School Class of 2017!


ASSIGNMENTS ARE LISTED AS FOLLOWS: "Date Assigned: Assignment name/description (Date Due)"

3/28; Homework; Review, Virginia Dynasty, Questions 9-11, 3/29

Unit Test: Federalist Era and Virginia Dynasty (and USA map states 1-25), Friday 3/31
4/10; Homework; Vocabulary, Age of Jackson, Define terms up to, and including, "Trail of Tears" 4/11
4/11; Homework; Vocabulary, Age of Jackson, Define remainder of terms, 4/12

Quiz: USA States (1-50), Thursday, 4/13

4/24; Homework; Questions 1-8, Age of Jackson Review, 4/25
4/25; Homework; Questions 9-14, Age of Jackson Review, 4/27

Change !!!! QUIZ ... not Unit Test ... Age of Jackson is scheduled for Friday 4/28



Seterra 50 US States Game (Timed! Restart the timer by refreshing the page.)
(There is a list of different maps at the bottom of the page.  Try the maps for other continents.  Or, try one of the world maps.  Good luck!) 

Ben's Guide to U.S. States game:

"1968" Worksheet websites!!!:

Use the following websites as reference to complete the worksheet entitled "1968":

1968: The Exhibit: 

World Book Online:

Log-In ID: hardyston

Password: hornets

Textbook Website:

Username: hstudent1617

Password: chicken1617


CLASS NOTES:  Class notes are listed at the bottom of this page as a Word file. Click on the link and the file will open.