Resources & Favorite Links

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(NOTE: Some student sites have advertisements. Parental guidance is recommended.)

A+ Math — Interactive site to help students improve their math skills.

Algebraic Reasoning

Eduplace Kids Place — Interactive site with a variety of math topics with tutorials, worksheets, and parent letters. Also includes test preps & brainteasers.

Elephant Story — Students need to read very carefully to answer comprehension questions. This interactive site helps them to self-check when they are answering questions.

Equal Groups

Evaluation Station — Interactive site the takes students step by step through the self-evaluation process of writing: narrative, instructions, research report, opinion essay, and persuasive essay.

Expanded Form Matching

Flip-a-Chip — Students will see how different affixes and roots can be combined to make words and then place them into a context-rich paragraph at this interactive site.

Function Machine 1

Guess the Number — The U.S. government's official website for kids.

Logic Games — The games on this page will help students sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Math Student Interactives — Student interactives covering algebra, fractions, measurement, geometry, patterns, money, data, integers, multiplication and division.

Maximum Capacity Monkeys

Measure It! — Interactive practice measuring with inches and centimeters includes tutorials. — Check out these interactive internet games. There are many math concepts to choose from.

My Story Maker — Students can create their own digital stories. They can choose their characters, setting, and topic. Children have many opportunities for creativity, as they can change the setting and add details to their stories. Students can preview before they print and share their stories.

Pattern Generator — Complete the interactive sequencing patterns that are at a variety of levels from easy to very challenging.

Pattern Generator

Place Value Pirates

Place Value Puzzler

Place Value Puzzler — Interactive site for students to identify the place value of numbers up to 100,000 and round numbers with and without decimals.

Proofreading Makes Perfect — Interactive proofreading site to correct mistakes in grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation to help improve their writing.

Scooter Quest

Sequencing Practice — Interactive site where students put the steps to washing a car in the correct sequence.

Shape Surveryor — Interactive site for students to find the area and perimeter of various geometric shapes. Available at a variety of levels.

TenMarks Math - Student Login — TenMarks Math provides proven, research-based instructional resources to reach every level of student and many learning styles. The teacher assigns customized assignments to meet the needs of the student.

The Number Forms Game

Wacky Web Tales — Interactive site similar to Mad Libs. Students plug in parts of speech and correct forms to write a humorous story.

Word Confusion — Students identify the correct homonym from two word choices with this interactive activity.

Writing Ideas — A list of topics with a beautiful graphic as a story starter for narrative, compare and contrast, instructions, persuasive, opinion, and descriptive writing.

XtraMath — This site is what is used for math fact mastery. You can use this at home for further practice. If you need the access code, please contact me.