Welcome Third Graders!

Mrs. Corbett
Room 13
973-823-7000 ext. 8013

Welcome to Third Grade!
Please make sure to check my website for classroom and homework updates! 

Let's finish up this great year!

Homework:    May 23, 2019
L.A.-   Reading log due tomorrow
Math-    none!


Third Grade students have homework  (just about) every night.
Email me with any questions or concerns.

 Language Arts 

  • This year, the students will continue to work through the Project Read spelling and phonics program. Spelling tests are given on Fridays. Always look for the new spelling list given to students on Mondays along with their Spelling Homework Book.  This Spelling Homework Book is due back to me on Fridays with 3 completed choice activities and a SIGNED practice spelling test. 
  • Our reading series is My Sidewalks on Reading Street. In addition, I use the Reading A-Z and Digital Readworks programs online. 
  • Our writing program will work through several types of writing tasks for different purposes. We will write opinion, persuasive/argumentative, and narrative pieces throughout the year along with some poetry. My program is geared toward developing strong, confident writers! 
  • Students will have a spelling and/or a grammar assignment every night for homework. 
  • All tests and quizzes will get written in the student's agendas so there will be no surprises!
Here is how the students are graded:
15% Homework
35% Quizzes and Spelling Tests
50% Phonics and Unit Tests


  • Our math series is called  "My Math" by McGraw Hill. It is completely based on the Common Core standards. There will be information sent home about how to access student accounts from your home computer to further practice skills.  

  • Along with nightly math homework and computer practice in school, students should study math facts as often as possible! This might still be perfecting their addition and subtraction facts or practicing their multiplication facts when we get there!
Here is how the students are graded:
15% Homework
35% Quizzes
50% Tests

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