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Accommodation at Waitomo Hut

Rooms in the hut can be booked as basic "DOC Hut" style accommodation for groups and individuals at a reasonable rate. The hut consists of 3 buildings, a dorm block, siting and dining block with large deck and a lower block used to wash and dry gear which also contains showers and toilets. The dorm block sleeps 30-40 people in 7 rooms of differing sizes. Basic cooking facilities are provided as are pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. A resident warden may be available to help out.

The dorm block and lounge area have USB charging points for 'phones and tablets.

Bookings Groups MUST book in advance

The hut is available for group bookings on weekdays and weekends. At weekends club members are often around and at least one room is reserved for their use. Regular club trips are held on the first Saturday of each month and room availability may be limited that night due to member use. When it is unoccupied, the hut is locked. Booked Groups will be given access details before their stay.

Groups should be aware that no booking is exclusive, HTG members may use the hut at any time and are often there. A warden may be on site in a room within 
the dorm block.

The club tries not to have two groups in the hut at the same time and you will be told if there is another booking or event planned.Groups can book the hut direct through or if you are a school looking to integrate it with an educational experience through the Education Service at the Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre  ( 07 8787642

Click to Book HTG Hut Online

Hut Fees

Individuals and small groups are expected to pay in cash in the honesty box in the hut. Larger groups can arrange to pay electronically. Please just email and the treasurer will get in touch.


 $5 per night

NZSS Members and international cavers who are members of an overseas club. 

 $10.00 each per night


 $15 each per night

Groups of 5 or more

 $12 /person per night

School Group Bookings

 $10 /person per night

 Day Visitors ((for use of showers, changing facilities, kit cleaning area etc) $4 per day(HTG/NZSS members – gold coin)

  • Camping/campervans/vans - same charges as above whether sleeping inside or out
  • Corporate NZSS members – only one person at NZSS rate
  • Groups – all paid in same envelope
  • Schools – means primary and secondary schools on school trips
  • Put your fees in an envelope and write your details on the front: Name, dates, number of people and nights, amount paid
  • Loose cash and unlabelled envelopes will be considered a donation

Contact Details

Cellphone Coverage: Reception is good for voice and data.
Road address: 155 Caves – Te Anga Rd. Waitomo Caves
Postal address: Hamilton Tomo Group, PO Box 11, Hamilton.


The hut consists of 3 large buildings, a dorm block, cooking and dining block with a large deck, and a lower block with showers/toilets and room to dry and store equipment.

  • All buildings in the hut can be locked.
  • Sleeping facilities are all contained in the dorm block. This also contains 2 showers, a single unisex toilet and two wash basins.
  • Some bunks are sleeping platforms that allow a width of 70 centimeters per person. Children may require a little less.
  • Main Bunk Room: Contains a double height sleeping platform style bunk which accommodates 6-7 adults per level or 14 in total for the room.
  • Smaller Bunk Room: Contains a narrower double height sleeping platform which accommodates 4-5 adults per level or 10 in total for the room.
  • 5 smaller rooms accommodate up to 14 people in single bunks.
  • No bedding is provided all are just bare bunks.
  • There are USB charging points for 'phones and tablets in all areas of the accommodation.
  • There is a large room containing wood stove and a range of re-cycled couches and chairs for relaxing in. Along with two large tables adjacent to the kitchen for meals.
  • A projection screen is provided in the main room and a white board is available, just ask when booking.
  • Cooking facilities are basic but adequate and consist of two electric cookers with ovens. Two upright fridge/freezers are situated in the kitchen and 2-3 domestic toasters are also available.
  • Pots, plates, cups, glasses and cutlery are provided. It is however mismatched and procured by donation or from op shops.
  • Toilets & Showers: The dorm block contains one unisex toilet, 2 showers and two wash basins.
  • A further 2 showers and toilets are situated in the equipment area and are ideal for a shower after a caving trip of other outdoor activity.
  • The equipment shed provides a large covered area for drying equipment and various facilities for washing and drying outside.
  • Toilet rolls, and cleaning equipment are provided.

Things to bring

Visitors who are staying will need to bring sleeping bags, pillows and towels.

User Code & Information

  • The hut is an historic outdoor facility and one of a small number of caving huts built in key places in New Zealand to help with exploring its caves. It has been progressively built by dedicated group of cavers over the last 60 years and as such while clean and of a good size is rustic.
  • Users are asked to keep the facilities clean and tidy and report any issues to the resident hut warden who will always be more than willing to help.
  • Older buildings can be a challenge to maintain and HTG apologises if we miss a cobweb here or there.
  • Groups should also remember the hut is a “working” caving hut and members and visiting cavers from New Zealand and around the world use the hut as a base for exploration of the caves around Waitomo. Members are often present and the warden will let groups know which rooms can be used and which have cavers in.
  • The large deck also contains a simple plate barbecue and gas is provided.
  • No animals inside the building please.
  • Recycling: Please take it with you or at the least wash, squash and separate: aluminium, tins, plastics, green glass, brown glass and clear glass. Recycling bins are in the alleyway between the garage and lean-to.
  • Paper and cardboard can be burnt in the wood stove.
  • If you use firewood please replenish the box in the main room from stocks in the woodshed behind the garage
  • Wash dishes and keep the kitchen clean all the time, especially if other people are staying.
  • Please empty the freezer and turn it off when you leave.
  • Groups are asked to supervise children and students in the dorm block.
  • Please let the warden know of any damage.
  • Give the place a clean when you leave it can be a good final group activity.  Aim to make it cleaner than when you arrived.