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HTG is one of the oldest caving clubs in New Zealand and has been actively exploring the caves of Waitomo and the rest of New Zealand and the World  since 1949. The club has a large hut conveniently located just outside the village of Waitomo Caves in the west of the North Island and about 40 minutes south of Hamilton. From here it’s possible to explore the hundreds of caves located in the district. Which have provided HTG members the chance to find and explore new and previously un-surveyed caves for the past 50 years. Even now more are steadily being found each year. 

Caving is an exciting balance of exploration, physical challenge with some Unique sights to be seen in the caves around Waitomo. In terms of challenge it provides everything from the equivalent of a stroll in the hills to that of climbing an alpine peak with technical rope work and great depths. Waitomo provides a broad range of both horizontal and vertical caves, some wet many dry, all can provide a challenge and some unique sights. Caving is however a potentially risky sport if you don't know what you are doing and this along with the fact that most caves in Waitomo are on private land. New Cavers are well advised to join a club like HTG.


The caves are also very fragile having evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Conservation of this precious resource is also really important to HTG and again we encourage people to go with more experienced members who will teach you how to travel lightly in this fragile world. Members of HTG have been involved in the discover and exploration of many of the longest and deepest caves in New Zealand. Most years the club has run expeditions to other caving areas in New Zealand, from the wild bush of the west coast to helicopter trips to new cave loactions in Fiordland in the very south. These are genuine expeditions into the unknown with new caves and passage being found. Caving is one of the few sports to provide this rare chance to be the first to set foot in places no human has been before, in a world that is now mostly "discovered" on the surface.

Join: HTG always welcomes new members and meets in Hamilton once a month. Regular club trips are also held, usually on a Saturday starting at the hut, which new members are encouraged to join. After a day of exploration often members will stay overnight at the hut and there's the chance of a cave or MTB or other activity on the Sunday. Trips are designed to cater for all abilities and are an ideal first introduction to what the Waitomo area has to offer beyond the show caves. For details of upcoming trips email: one of the members will get in touch.

Accommodation: The club hut is in a great location just outside the village with great views into the Waitomo valley. Bunks in the hut can be booked as basic "DOC hut" style accommodation for individuals and groups at a reasonable rate. The hut consists of 3 buildings, a dorm block, sitting & dining block with large deck including BBQ and a lower block used to wash and dry gear which also contains additional showers and toilets. The dorm block sleeps 30-40 people in 7 rooms of differing sizes. Basic cooking facilities are provided as are pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. A resident warden is available to help out on site. For more details see the accommodation or Email to: 

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HTG Hut Location:

The hut is situated 1km West of the Waitomo Caves village centre on the Te Anga Road. Keep going past the glow worm cave, stay right at the round about and up the hill. You will see a "warning horses" sign and we are there on the left down the driveway.

Is a proud member of the New Zealand Speleological Society [NZSS], click on the link to see more of the national caving body in New Zealand.