Elementary Principal's Page

Hunter - Tannersville Elementary School

                                                                                             “Excellence in Learning for All”

Principal’s Message:

Welcome to Hunter-Tannersville CSD! I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to be an educational leader at Hunter Elementary School.  Our students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members are what make this district thrive. Everyone is dedicated to making the educational experience of our students the best it can be. The beautiful majestic landscapes of the Catskill Mountains are only a perk to what our school can offer your children.

Hunter Elementary serves approximately 165 students in grades K-6 and we also offer a full day Pre-Kindergarten class. Due to our small enrollment and support from the community we are able to provide differentiation and extensive encouragement for all students. Our team of teachers and support staff, work together to progress monitor and benchmark our students continuously throughout the year.  This enables our staff to individualize learning for all students.

We believe in preparing our students to be 21st-century learners, where our students are able to collaborate, solve real-world problems, and possess the literacy and digital literacy skills needed to be successful at the completion of high school. Our classrooms are equipped with Chromebooks, Promethean boards, and desktop computers to help supplement the curriculum.  We are also fortunate that our library media specialist works closely with each classroom teacher to provide support K-6 for typing, researching, and library skills.  

We are very proud of our Art, Music, and Physical Educational programs at HTC.  Besides our scheduled art classes during the school day we also offer an early morning art enrichment class.  Our music department puts on a spectacular winter and spring concert each year.  Students in the 4-6 grades have the opportunity to join both chorus and band and we provide them with supplemental small group instruction.  Finally, our PE department strives to teach the students  how to be lifelong participants in physical activity.  Our curriculum includes multiple activities that can be lifelong hobbies such as: hiking, archery, golf, geocaching, as well as, skiing and snowboarding at Hunter Mountain.

During this school year I’ll be feverishly working to improve our students’ educational experiences.  Our administration team will rely heavily on the input from all school stakeholders to help create a vision for students.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, constructive criticism, and innovative ideas that will improve our students’ experiences at Hunter-Tannersville CSD.


Nathan Jones