Birthday 1

We started the month with a pair of birthdays. March 1 is Nebraska's birthday and we celebrated with cake for the school. The sixth grade helped setup, serve, and cleanup. While the elementary was eating cake we sang "Happy Birthday" to Nebraska. Fun way to start the month.


and Birthday 2

The next day we celebrated Read Across America on Dr. Seuss's birthday, March 2. The NHS students came to read and help with the activities. They read The Lorax, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Bl
ue Fish, My Many Colored Days, and Oh, the Places You Go.

The students made Lorax puppets to take home, fish to put in the "ocean," colored their days, and told where they would like to go and see.


Creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things.

-- Theodore Levitt

December 5-9 is Computer Science Week

The Elementary will be doing coding activities throughout the month.  Give some of these activities a try along with the students.  The students will try their hand at three of the many online coding activities sponsored by Code.org.

Online Activities: 

    Kindergarten and first grade will do Lightbot. 

    Second will do Moana.

    Third through Fifth will work in Scratch animating letters.

Students will also do several offline activities.  

  • Exploring pixelation through a coloring activity(https://teachinglondoncomputing.org/pixel-puzzles/) and comparing a photo of a person with a blowup of just his eye.   
  • Creating their initials in a binary code bracelet (https://goo.gl/kkN9cB) will introduce students to the binary language of computers. 
  • Working with our new robots Dot and Dash.  (https://www.makewonder.com/)  These small robots can be run in a free mood or be programmed.  The programming is done in Blockly, similar to Scratch. 
  • Learning about pixel and pixelation by comparing color by number pictures at different  
There is much more to learn on the Hour of Code website sponsored by Code.org.  Click on any of the red links on this page to find out more.

We are having fun
with coding,
robots, and programming.

The more pixels per inch the more detail.  

Can you read the binary code on our bracelets?

Concentrating on Lightbot programming.

Getting face to face with the robot.

Let's see what else we can get the robot to do.

Working on the new Moana programming from Disney,