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Writing Guide for Teens: Every day for a month!! Journals rock.
             Review: 7 tips what not to do...
April is National Library Month:
  1. Reading Without Walls Challenge Gene Luen Yang, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature
  2. MyLibraryNYC NYPL ebooks Reading on the way to school, reading on the way home from school. 2 hrs a day reading...
  3. Is technology taking away our jobs? Look at the book industry- Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford WNYC 4/3/17
  4. Gene Luen Yang Podcast, with people that he admires, Reading without Walls.
  5. Celebrate National Library Week 
Hour of Code 12/12-15/11 We can do this!
Teens Read Vote for your favorite book hereAmerican Library Association 
Teen Read Week October 14-18, 2017
  • Gaming Club Thursday 10th period in the library room 501  Mouse Code
  1. Benefits of gaming:
  2. Benefits of gaming in school:
  3. Institute of Play: paper games, board games 
  4. Math in games:
  5. History of gaming:  More history of gaming:
  6. Games for different time periods in history: Total War Rome II, Total War Atila, Total War Shogun 2, Total War Medieval, Total War Napoleon, Total War Empire (Age of Enlightenment), Assassin's Creed: French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, American Revolution, WW II, Call of Duty, Mind Craft, Oregon Trail, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noir, 
  7. Robert Frost Lesson Plan ShareMYLesson
  8. Parable of Polygons-Diversity
  9. Digital Compass-Social Emotional
  10. Play 
  11. Mouse
  12. TeachingGaming Desk
1. Best Practices for Games and Simulations in the Classroom Report 2009

2. Games for a Digital Age K-12 Market Map and Investment Analysis Report 2013

Digital Sewing

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