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Open Processing!

posted Feb 4, 2013, 10:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 4, 2013, 4:11 PM ]
   Some things are funny when you are in the development process of education. You come across them and take note, then put it on the back burner for later. You may think "it's too rinky-dink for my students" or, "maybe later, when the dust settles". Those are both lines that came out of my mouth when I came across openprocessing.org a few months ago.
    When I took the dive into Processing I googled it, I checked out every website that I could looking for tools, information, example projects, uses, etc. I always take pretty extensive notes, and this Processing information session was many pages of notes, printouts, and links. Recently, as I have been looking for some way to display student work and example sketches for this site I returned to my notes for help. I was frustrated by how sketches looked as HTML iframes, you couldnt show code in context next to the sketches, and no one really wants to deal with .zip files and clutter their own computer with examples of others work.
    About 2 pages into my notes I found a link...that's it, just a link. "openprocessing.org" I went there to remind myself of what it was, and to my glee and elation it was just what I was looking for! openprocessing.org allows me to upload a sketch in its etirety, it plays it as a java web-applet, and you can view the code, even edit it and change it on the spot with the web editor...no download required.
    So in making a long story short... the gallery for this site is now on openprocessing.org as a collection hosted by me. I will be uploading examples of all the projects that are displayed on this site, so that you can view them easily, manipulate them and take a peak under the hood without the annoyance of even having Processing on your computer, or downloading the sketch files.
I have also recently created a classroom on the website that I would like to invite anyone to submit sketches to while using the instructional materials from this site. I see it as a place for us all to share the fruits of our/ our students labors!
I am working to get things moved over right now but, please enjoy playing!