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Flow of potential

posted Jan 19, 2013, 1:28 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 19, 2013, 1:30 PM ]
    I always look for things that I get the most for my dollar, kill two birds with one stone, or make it worth a trip. My curriculum is no exception. One of the things that has drawn me full force to Processing, and Arduino for that matter is the flexibility and expandability that they afford my students and I. In this day and age of teaching to all students, integrated ESL, and a number of special needs that need to be addressed in the classroom and with that it a flexible and differentiated technology is needed. 
    Processing is showing itself to be easily leveled to students' learning ability and age. I have given small workshops to elementary students with great success in Processing, just playing with geometry and a few basic variables. I have created a simple flow chart that depicts a possible curriculum flow that would span a long period of time. 

    If somehow we were able to align a students computer science (CS) / technology education over a period of time starting in upper elementary and spanning to the end of high school, I feel that this would be a good outline for a well rounded sequence of topics. This does not include other important skills like drawing/ design, modeling/ fabrication, etc. but from a CS point of view would be pretty comprehensive, while using a single software package (combination of Processing and Arduino) that would align in syntax, operation, and instructional materials available. 
    As you read this, I would really like feedback on this flow chart. If you can think of other topics that would be doable I would like to hear from you, as well as where it should go within the sequence. This is a work in progress and many eyes/ hands makes light work. Thank you!