Thank you so much for showing interest in the Digital Design Lab Core Program created by the MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement ) department at Portland State University.  

The program focuses on giving inexperienced students a crash course in computer science and imbedded computing, where students use Arduino, Processing, and Fritzing to plan, program and create digitally interactive electronics projects.  

Build It!

During the D2L program students will learn through hands on experience from the first activity on day 1 all the way through their final presentations during their project showcase. Hands on experience is the best experience when it comes to electronics and programming, for better or worse!

Do It!

Students experience a high level of creative and academic rigor during the program. To be successful students need to work together to solve real world problems, both big and small. Students will experience true professional based feedback and troubleshooting techniques and make decisions based on that feedback,

Understand It!

A broad range of learning tools are used during the program and we focus on empowering the students to not only develop an understanding of both electronics and computer science, but also to be able to delve deeper into the subjects covered beyond their time with us. Finding information effectively and efficiently will lead to life long learning in and out of an educational setting.