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HRWings with outstanding track records who will create competitive advantage and sustainable value to your organisation. Our success and proven track record can be attributed to our deep understanding of business dynamics in organisations and leadership requirements of companies at various levels.

This We Know What it Means to Your Business When You’re Facing a Serious HR Issue -

HRWings Consulting Services offers:

Help you can trust, the truth is that employment laws and regulations are complicated and not always easily satisfied. So when you are facing a serious HR issue you want to have the confidence that you’re getting the right help you need to respond appropriately, while also protecting your business. That’s what we do – we’re your partner, stepping in as an accessible part of your management team to identify and address issues in an effective, proactive manner.

Common sense HR solutions

We understand your concerns. That’s why we take a unique approach to solving HR issues. We identify the top HR priorities you’re facing and then help you implement common sense solutions that are simple, cost effective, and reasonable for your situation. We start where you have the greatest exposure and work through each compliance need in priority. The result is efficient use of your resources to affect the best possible risk mitigation for your business.

Focus on priority issues

This is also a critical difference in what we offer, and don’t offer. We customized solutions for our individual clients, not sell generic “cookie-cut” services. Our solutions are direct and practical for your business situation, not impractical, unrealistic or ineffective for your business. We give you what you really need, and don’t offer formulated programs that are easy to sell and look good on paper, but have no sustainable value to you because they don’t address the priority issues creating the most risk in your business.

Minimize exposure risks for your business

This is our approach to delivering HR solutions. It’s practical, cost effective and allows you to be proactive in managing an HR program that minimizes exposure risks for your business.

Our Products and Services

The primary types of services we will provide include market feasibility studies, business plans,reengineering strategies, organizational reviews, strategic planning, seminars and workshops. Our services include the development of:

Market Feasibility Studies

We develop market feasibility studies for businesses that want to market new products or technologies. Some of these companies are looking for government funding to commercialize the technology or product. Our market feasibility studies include a full assessment of potential markets, competitive analysis, and the financial viability of commercializing the product.

Other Services

Our other services will include operational reviews, strategic planning, and development of corporate re- engineering strategies.

Seminars and Workshops

We will offer seminars to small and medium sized businesses and Educational institutes  . The seminars will focus on key management, career  issues for small and medium sized operators such as market analysis, product commercialization, how to write a business plan, marketing strategies, customer service etc. Attendance will vary but should average 20 to 30 people each.