HR Analytics

Today, organizations can drive financial return on human capital investment and improve the value the workforce delivers to organizational performance through the use of workforce analytics .Intelligent data captured through digital analytics in recruitment, attrition, succession planning, productivity enhancement, unit cost, revenue per employee and profit per employee help influence the performance of business as well as to take appropriate decisions on finding early and suitable solutions to people issues and challenges

Our tactical and predictive analytics programs will help you address specific workforce trouble spots so you can manage issues before they appear. Analytics allows HR professionals , Top Management to understand how various factors and facets of the life-cycle of an employee impact their behavior at the workplace We'll show you how to build your Talent Analytic solutions.using analytic to address and improve each one of  the following talent-related issues:
•• Cost of absenteeism
•• Cost of employee separations (turnover)
•• Employee health, wellness, and welfare
•• Employee attitudes and engagement
•• Financial effects of work-life programs
•• Staffing utility
•• Economic value of job performance
•• Payoff of enhanced selection
•• Costs and benefits of HR development programs
•• Talent-investment analysis

Point solutions demonstrate ROI of people analytics to the business  We have a wide range of experience assisting clients with targeted analytic, modeling, and forecasting requirements to address the top workforce concerns today. We have pre-built talent analytics services to cover the full HR/employee lifecycle – from talent acquisition to performance, safety & learning management, to retention and retirement – all designed to assist your organization solve critical workforce and business objectives. We offer analytics around total rewards that will enable your organization to optimize across different benefits and compensation options. Adoption of business intelligence and workforce analytics practices and technologies lead to increased value for adopters.  Every talent analytics and predictive service we offer has one goal in common: apply advanced analytic techniques to solve a critical workforce problem and thereby, demonstrate value of talent analytics to the entire organization.

The core functions of HR are ultimately to optimize the workforce through adroit processes to optimize, acquire, develop, 

and pay the workforce, while complying with statutory requirements. Each of these processes has a set of business  objectives; sometimes there are issues in meeting those objectives. Organizations can use analytics to dig into the issues surrounding each process, using an analytical workflow


To meet the business objective of developing a strategic workforce plan, workforce composition can be 

juxtaposed with external data to model how the workforce will be impacted by population aging.


To meet the business objective of an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable recruiting process, recruiting 

specialists can see into the recruiting pipeline to help develop a recruitment plan


To meet the business objectives of developing workforce capabilities while increasing workforce engagement,

a learning strategist can assess the organizational skills and experience levels and organizational strengths and


To meet the business objective of recruiting and promoting a diverse workforce, the HR specialist can monitor 

the demographics of candidate pools and of the existing workforce, and from these fine-tune the diversity hiring plan. 

We offer services in blow domains 
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare and Pharma
  • Telecom
  • Media, Publishing and Entertainment
  • Utilities
  • Hi-Tech and Manufacturing
  • Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Travel, Transportation and Logistics

And our solutions across these industries include:

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