Upcoming Dates to Remember

Holy Rosary's Inter School Sport program this week. Students will be playing Football, T Ball and Netball. It is a great opportunity for our kids to learn skills in these sports, make some friends from other schools and practice organisation and time management skills. 

Our Year 5 students will be participating in Reading, Language Conventions, Writing and Numeracy NAPLAN tests on the 12-14th of June. We wish our Year 5 children the very best whilst sitting these. 

Term Overview


Our students will identify the values of fairness, justice, equality and democratic representation that exist in their own society.  They will begin to understand that they are able to have an impact on their local, national global communities.

Children will understand that: 

Everyone has a responsibility to work towards creating fairness and justice for all.

There are people in the world who do not have access to all the things they need.

 All people have the same basic needs but other needs differ depending on where they live and their culture


This term we will be looking at the unit 'Be Compassionate'. We will explore the Christian experience and understanding of compassion and justice. Students will consider their own and others’ experiences of compassion, justice, difference, discrimination and isolation in light of the Beatitudes and gospel stories. They will identify experiences of racism and apply their new learnings to these situations. At the conclusion of the unit students select an appropriate action promoting the dignity of the human person. This will tie in with our Inquiry unit. This will help our students on the lead up to the Sacrament of Confirmation.