Hydraulic Rock Splitter

hydraulic rock splitter
The needs :Conventional rock removal method-drill and blast- has been restricted in rock work sites due to vibrations, sounds, and flying rocks. So alternatives had to be used. Chemical expansion agents, Cracking capsules, Hydraulic wedge splitters, and Hydraulic piston type splitters have been tried . Each seemed the best method in its introduction but was soon replaced by. Time and cost was another important factor to be considered. Hydraulic piston type splitter seems to meet these important factors satisfactorily.

The requirements in hard rock splitting: In the beginning edge type splitters were used. However they are somewhat weak for hard rock demolition. Hole spacing is so densely made. Otherwise splitters could not break rock at all. Chemical expansion agents take long hours(10 to 20 hours) to expand completely.To solve these problems Piston type splitters were developed in area like Korea where hard rocks (like granite ) are prevailing. Piston type splitters fracture rocks with splitting force of over 1,000 tons up to 2,500 tons. Each cycle of fracture is made within 5~6 minutes.  

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