Eagle Renaissance is a positive incentive program to encourage and reward academic performance, improvement, involvement in school activities, increased attendance and positive behavior through creative recognition and awards.

Renaissance works in two ways.  
  1. You can be on Renaissance Blue or Gold Levels thru your grades, attendance, behavior.  See "How to Qualify" from the tabs under Blue & Gold
  2. You can be a part of the Renaissance Crew that meets once a month to work to improve the climate of our building and more creative ways to recognize staff and students.  Anyone can join the meetings.  See "When Does Renaissance Meet" under BMS Eagle Renaissance Tab.

Congratulations to the 140 out of 201 6th graders who earned Blue Level status for Trimester 2 for a total of 68% of the class!  These students join our 7th & 8th Grade Blue Renaissance members who have earned a 3.5 GPA or better, are proficient or better in Life Skills, and achieved a great attendance record.  Well done!

We want to congratulate our 112 out of 201 7th graders who earned our Blue & Gold Levels of Renaissance for Trimester 2.  72 students retained Gold & 40 earned Blue status. That means almost 56% of our 7th graders ha earned these honors as well. Congratulations!

Congratulations  our 115 8th graders who earned Blue or Gold Level Renaissance for Trimester 2. With 66 Gold Level Members and 49 Blue Level Members, this means that almost 55% of our 8th graders earned at least a 3.5 GPA, had proficient or better Life Skills, along with a great attendance record!!  Great Job!

Keep up the great work Baldwin Street Middle School students!!

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