A.    Local and state revenue sources
B.    Administrator and teacher salary and benefit expenditure data
C.    School district balances, including legal balances and building fund balances
D.    Minutes of regular and special meetings of the school district board of directors
E.    The school district budget for the ensuing year, which shall be posted on the website within thirty (30) days following the date required to be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Education
F.    A financial breakdown of monthly expenses of the school district
G.   Salary schedules for all school district employees, including extended contract and supplementary pay amounts
H.    Current contract information for all school district employees. Social security numbers, telephone numbers, personal addresses, or signatures shall not be    published.
I.     The annual budget of the school district
J.    The annual school district statistical report link and information.  Link to Harrison Annual Statistical Reports.
K.    NSL Funding

Required August 1 Postings

  • Written Discipline Policies (Part of Student Handbooks - see links below)
  • Student Support Services Plan
  • Policies (See School District Policies link below)
  • Handbooks (Posted on each web page and as links below)
    • Elementary
      • Discipline Policies - Section 4.0 - Page 31
  • Improvement Plans
    • This is a continuous cycle of inquiry of PLAN - DO - CHECK. This link represents the preliminary
    • plan as presented to the school board in April for 2018-19 school year.