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Highland Park High School


Summer School Information

Registration will open Wednesday, April 5th at 6:00 am and will close Friday, June 2nd at 4:00 pm. Summer school administrative staff will be available from 9-11 am and 1-3 pm on Friday, June 2nd in the cafeteria to answer any questions regarding registration.

Only students who are classified as freshmen or above for the fall semester immediately following summer school are eligible to attend HPHS Summer School.  Prior to starting a summer school course at HPHS, a student must contact their grade level counselor with any questions prior to registration for a summer school course. Please see the counseling website for information related to summer courses offered outside of HPISD.  If approval is not granted prior to enrollment, the student may not be awarded credit toward graduation. A student may normally earn a maximum of two semesters of credit (one full course unit) in one summer. As HPHS Summer School is self-funded, a minimum number of students must register for each course to cover costs. 

The following credit recovery courses and original credit courses will be offered in either the first, second, or both sessions, contingent on sufficient student enrollment.  Additional courses could be added based on need and teacher availability.  Registration and payment information are located on the left hand side at the bottom under "Registration Instructions".


All courses are offered Monday - Friday during the summer.

Credit Recovery Courses:  Any course that is being taken again due to a failing grade.   Depending on student enrollment, some credit recovery courses (as determined by HPHS administration) will be taken through online credit recovery programs with teacher support.    


  • Algebra I A & B                                                             
  • Geometry A & B                                                            
  • Algebra 2 A & B                                                                        
  • World Geography A & B                                                        
  • World History A & B                                                                      
  • US History A & B                                                                         
  • English 1 - 4 A & B                                                             
  • Biology A & B                          
  • Chemistry A & B                    
  • Physics A & B

Meeting Dates and Times:

First Semester: June 5 - June 16 

Second Semester:  June 19 - June 30                      

7:30 AM 1:00 PM each day

Online courses will have flexible times each day.  These times will be communicated at the beginning of summer school. 

 Original Credit Courses:  Any course taken for the first time to award initial credit.

 Communications Applications (Speech)* - will be offered BOTH semesters if enrollment numbers warrant

 Health* - will be offered BOTH semesters if enrollment numbers warrant

 Government (must have at least soph. standing)* - will be offered BOTH semester if enrollment numbers warrant. 


 Economics* - only offered during Semester 1 

 Physics (co-requisite - Alg. 2) - full year course; must take both semesters 



Meeting Dates and Times:

 Full Year: June 5 - June 30  = 20 days, 7:30 am - 1:00 pm

 First Semester: June 5 – June 16 (same times as above)

 Second Semester: June 19 – June 30 (same times as above)


 Currently enrolled HPISD students: $400.00 per semester course

 Not currently enrolled HPISD students: $500.00 per semester course


*One Semester Courses:


End of Course State Testing Information:

Students taking a core course who have not passed the EOC for that course must take the EOC the week of June 19-23, 2017.

The following Accelerated Original Credit courses will be offered contingent on sufficient student enrollment. These courses have extended hours each day.


Accelerated Original Credit Courses:  Any course taken for the first time at an accelerated pace to award initial credit.

Geometry - placement exam given prior to summer school  Test Dates:  Will be announced at a later date

Pre-Calculus (pre-requiste - Alg. 2) - placement exam given prior to summer school - Test Dates:  Will be announced at a later date 

Pre AP Latin 3 - must have PreAP Latin 2 credit prior to summer school

TAG Communications Applications (Speech) - TAG identified or teacher approval if not TAG identified

Meeting Dates and Times:

Because accelerated original credit courses follow varying calendars, please see dates and times listed in the course descriptions.


Currently enrolled HPISD students: $450.00 per semester course

Not currently enrolled HPISD students: $550.00 per semester course