Student Perspectives

2015 Student Speech by Calem Todd

Tena Koutou Katoa,

Ko Calem Todd Ahau

Ko te Kai o te Whetu te maunga

Ko Ngatokimatawhaurua te waka

Ko Waimamaku te awa

Ko Hokianga te moana

Ko Te Whakamaharatanga te marae

Ko Ngati Po raua Ko te Ngati Pakau nga hapu

Ko Te Roroa raua Ko Ngapuhi nga iwi.

Foundation student, class of 2012 Hingaia Peninsula School.

Now in the year 2015, some Highlights for me as a year 8 student have been all the interschool competitions we have been in and have been successful at.

We won year 7&8 Development Waterpolo League at Mountfort. Then went on to become runners up in the Auckland Super City League, playing all the top schools, which was a really good experience.

We had winners at the interschools Cross Country and athletics.  Our Mathex team won their competition also.

We won year 7 & 8 Futsal competition, had two rugby reps in the North Counties rugby team and we became the Counties Champion team out of all the schools.  We had very successful flippa ball teams, all winners. We have had winning touch rugby teams. The school has developing netball and football teams.

We learn together as a team and play together as a team. We fundraise together for charities that are important to us. This year we have been doing more activities in our new Constellation groups, this gives leadership opportunities and for us to be good examples to the younger kids in our group as we collaborate with them. This has been a success that stands out for me. Through all of these activities we learn how to display our Learner profile attributes and put them into action.

Who I have become at HPS and the skills I’ve learnt have given me choices for the next part of my life. So on behalf of all students I would like to thank the staff of Hingaia Peninsula School for setting us up for success.

From the Star Wars lovers to the choir conductors to the techxperts to the ones who have all the dance moves. To the superstar relievers and wonder women Nadine.  

Thank you Jason for helping us understand the IB PYP concept, it’s been cool having you this year and you’ll be truly missed.

A special thank you to Jane, WPQ.  For all your hard work getting this school started and believing it can help us achieve great things and all the support you have given us. The special opportunities you create for us like the very successful Rehu Tai Festival held here this year.

To a special teacher rocking the mohawk - Kreas I’m grateful you have been a big part of my last few years at HPS. You have inspired and motivated us to always do our best and pushed us more.  You understand us. I will miss having you in my life. You have been a positive  influence and I’ll take this with me through my life.

I believe that every student at Hingaia can achieve their goals.  


2016 Student Speech

Kia Ora, everyone. My name is Josh Wilson and I want to share a few things about this amazing school.

I arrived here in August 2014, coming from Wellington. I immediately realised how amazing this school was. It isn’t like others! At this school we learn to be collaborative! What does that mean? It means we get to work together and learn new things not by being told stuff by the teachers but by them teaching us how to go find it out ourselves!

I remember going to the Shakespeare show, I didn’t know who Shakespeare was then and this was such a fun way to learn about him! Driving all the way from Hingaia to Auckland city, going to a show with all my friends, was a really fun experience! This is the kind of stuff Hingaia does to make learning fun!

Hingaia isn’t just any ordinary school. It's a school where people are given an opportunity.

I had never played Water polo before coming to Auckland, I love swimming and Jane let me join the school team. How proud am I knowing I was part of the team that won Hingaia their first gold trophy? Really proud! I will feel proud about that for my whole life! We get an opportunity at Hingaia to be part of teams even if we have no experience.

When I first came here I was curious why we called teachers by their first name! I figured it out when I finally discovered Kreas’ last name. No offence Kreas!

Every teacher here has a great personality and is special. Kreas and William are the big movie fans. Elaine is the kindest teacher I know. Jill is cool, but I have to make sure I’m wearing my hat when I walk out to eat my lunch, she is literally the first to notice if I’m not!

Linda! I swear she is the goddess of all Computers and IT. No Kreas, you are not as good as Linda sorry when it comes to the digital stuff. And, Jane, how many Principals serve tea and coffee to your mum and coach the school water polo team? She is involved in everything we do!

I want to congratulate the students who won an award today. Hearing your name called out is exciting and you might feel a bit shocked! Enjoy it and feel proud!  Jane, Kreas and the rest of the Hingaia team helped me unlock my learning potential and I know they have helped you all too!

I wish good luck to all the Year Eight Leavers. We are all going to different colleges but we will always be part of the Hingaia family!

Thank you,

Joshua Wilson

Year 8 Graduate