Security Molding Inc.
Plastic! The Metal Alternative.
In this day and age, in order to compete, companies need to find ways to become more efficient and leaner. 
Plastic injection molding offers many benefits, especially as an alternative to metal applications, and many metal  assemblies may require outsourcing!
With plastic, many applications can be produced and assembled entirely in-house. 
With all the available types of plastics and their different characteristics, we can find one that is suitable for your application.
Many of our customers are finding it more advantageous to convert existing metal parts, or produce new parts out of plastic, for some of the following reasons:

* Cost reduction. 
* Improved efficiency.
* Production rates improve.
* Reduction in weight.
* Reduced shipping costs.
* Design Improvements.
* Limitless colors & finishes. 

Design and Manufacturing.
Functionality is Key to having a successful design & manufacturing process.
We can work with you and your design team to help simplify the design process.
With our experience and expertise, often a complex part can be simplified to make the manufacturing process more efficient which could result in overall cost reductions.

Quality assurance is priority one! and orders are 
processed only with written approval from the client.
Quality control inspections take place every 30 mins during the production process.
Our quality control department, fastidiously looks at every part for possible production blemishes, and to remove any inferior parts.
Special attention is given to any critical design features and dimensions before parts are passed to our packing dept for shipping.