Our Vision:

In the Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools, is to create 21st Century learning environments in which technology is naturally integrated into the teaching and learning process.  We live in an ever-changing world in which technology is an integral part. For students to live successfully in this world they must be able to use these tools proficiently, effectively and ethically.

Welcome to the source of information for Howard-Winneshiek School’s initiative to create an innovative, 21st century learning environment for all of our students by providing each student with either an Apple laptop or iPad!
We are very excited to utilize this site to show you the future of learning for your student!  In a world that insists on technological knowledge, critical analysis, and innovative thinking it is imperative that we provide our students an education that equips them with 21st Century skills.  The laptops, iPads and infrastructure changes that come with them, will help keep Howard-Winneshiek Community School District at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

During the school year, this site will provide a window into our process for creating new learning experiences.  We will provide interviews and examples of how learning is changing in the classroom.  We will show you links to research on best practices and how this technology is effectively used in the classroom.  We will also post examples of student produced work to show the fruits of our initiative.  Finally, we will keep you informed on how these changes will affect everyone involved, from administrators and students to educators and parents.
Come along with us on this journey!  Check out the site every few days and see what is going on in this exciting new adventure.  We know our students will engage with this process and go beyond the walls of Howard-Winneshiek Community School District using a more collaborative, globally competitive approach to learning!