Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership:  Making The Difference At Howard Winn
Teacher Leadership is an opportunity for teachers to help their colleagues by sharing instructional resources, areas of expertise, and effective teaching strategies in a variety of roles in and out of the classroom settings. Teacher Leadership at Howard Winn is a cooperative to improve instructional practice and enhance student learning and achievement.

Meet the Teacher Leaders of Howard Winn

Kim Kerian
K-12 Instructional Coach

Casey Rausch
1st Grade, Model Teacher

Libby Schwade
High School, Model Teacher

Lynn Murray
K -6,  ELA Curriculum Leader

Tiffany McCabe
K-6 Culture, Climate & Safety

Kelly Sorenson
K-12 Instructional Coach

Michelle Midthus
3rd Grade, Model Teacher

Alicia Martin
High School, Model Teacher

Justin Denner
High School, CBE Leader

Heather Suckow
K-12 Instructional Coach

Jerry Steffen
Jr. High, Model Teacher

Brenda Lentz
High School, Mentor Teacher

Doug Sickles
7 - 12 Culture, Climate & Safety