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Home operation and maintenance can prove to be quite easy if we understand what needs to be done and perform all of the required maintenance on time. Just like owning a car where you change the oil every three thousand miles and check the brakes and the spark plugs every fifteen thousand miles, you should regularly maintain your home.  As we get into the winter season and the days are shorter and the nights colder, we need to perform some routine maintenance to avoid major problems and to run our home more efficiently. 

Winter Vacation

Caution should be used when attempting to follow any or all of these maintenance tips. Only perform these operations if you have the know-how and proper skill to take on these tasks. Remember to follow all manufacturers' instructions, disconnect the power, gas, water, etc., and if you have questions always consult with a professional. We are not responsible for any content shown, we assume no liability for improper maintenance, damage, or injury, and leave you to perform any tasks at your own risk. 

Vacationing in the Winter
  • Set the heat in your home to no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Allow water to drip from a faucet near an outside wall
  • Keep downspouts and gutters clean to prevent ice dams on your roof
  • Disconnect all garden hoses
  • Locate and insulate pipes most susceptible to freezing. Typically those near outer walls, in crawl spaces and in the attic are the most vulnerable.
  • Open cabinet doors to allow heat to reach uninsulated pipes under sinks and where appliances are near exterior walls
  • Shut off and drain the water system in your home (except indoor sprinkler systems) before an extended vacation

Vacationing in the Summer
  • Before you leave, it's always a great idea to:
  • Have newspaper and mail stopped or regularly picked up by a trusted neighbor
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to check on your home
  • Make sure a neighbor knows where the water main shut-off is located in the event of a broken pipe
  • Set timers on interior lights to deter burglars
  • Unplug TV, computer and appliances susceptible to lightning and power surges
  • Advise your alarm company and local police if you will be gone for an extended vacation
  • Take jewelry and valuable papers to a safe deposit box
  • Turn off water valves to your washing machine, icemaker and dishwasher

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