New construction


We will provide you with a thorough, confidential, unbiased and professional inspection of your  residential dwelling, multi apartments, mix use, commercial, investment, REO, foreclosure and/or short sale properties, condominium, mobile home, apartment, manufactured housing, new construction, bank owned property along with a written report. 

A Typical Inspection Includes

Grading, drainage, wood soil contact, retaining walls, fences, walkways, sidewalk and driveways.

Siding, trim, windows, doors, foundations, slabs, porches, balconies, decks, cantilevers, entrances, stairs, garage, carport, basement walkouts and crawl spaces.

Exterior electrical components
Service drop, drip loop cable, meter, disconnect switch, entrance cable, clearance and grounding.

Shingles, ridge, vents, soffits, fascia, chimney, flashing, gutters, drains, slopes, downspouts, dormers, bays, porch, valleys, hip, plumbing stack, skylights, drip edge.

Footings, foundation, floors, sub floors, sills, beams, floor trusses, walls posts, columns, joists, stairwell, arches, lintels, veneers, framing, rafters, fire damage.

Collar ties, knee walls, roof trusses, rafters, venting, sheathing, interior chimney, insulation.

Service box, system grounding, service panel, over-current protection, sub panels, breakers/fuses, 240 volt linking, branch and panel wiring, junction boxes, lights, switches, outlets, GFCI, ceiling fans, covers.

Gas piping, interior oil tanks, oil burner primary control, burners, values, pilot, thermocouple, heat shield, refractory, exhaust fan, barometric damper, chimney liner, cleanout, air clearance, combustion clearance, vent damper, draft fan, condensate line, pump, humidifier, electronic filter, limit switch, plenum heater, ducts, registers, electric, elements, wiring, radiant heat, ventilators, boiler, steam, expansion tank, back flows, low water cut off, radiator/baseboards, heat pumps, air conditioning, compressor, interior coil, water cooled coil, tray, lines, evaporative cooler, values, pilot, thermostat.

Water main, meter, ground bonding, main shutoff valves, piping, water heater, relief valve, controls, gas piping, exhaust flue, damper, tanks, drip pan discharge tube, draft hood, waste line, clean outs, traps, supports, pumps, vent lines, floor drains, sinks, basin, drains, faucets, shower heads, toilets, bathtubs.

Enclosures, grout/tile/caulking, shower doors, whirlpools, shower stall, bidet, fan,
laundry tub, flooring, walls, ceilings, trim, counter tops, cabinets, stairs, railings, headroom, balusters, windows skylights, solarium, doors, garage doors & safety switch, hardware, weather stripping, fireplace, wood stoves, party walls, crawl spaces.