The National Common Core Arts Standards are finally here!

Version 1.0 of the new Common Core Arts Standards (CCAS) was released on June 4. 2014.  These are the standards by which RSU #29 Music Educators will begin the process of aligning your child's music experience in grades K-12 to schools of comparable size and geography nationwide.  Please keep in mind that this alignment process will take a significant amount of time (through trial and experimentation), and until they are adopted as LAW, the Maine Learning Results (MLRs) from 1996 (rev. 2007) remain in-effect.  These new CCAS have been written to align with current law in most states.

Just as their education in other subject areas is being re-aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), your child's music experience will begin a renaissance next year with new methods of reporting out their TRUE progress toward proficiency in standards including CREATING, PERFORMING/PRESENTING/PRODUCING, RESPONDING, and CONNECTING to/with their music-making.

The following video, produced by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) explains the basics regarding this shift in standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment:

For more information pertaining to the actual standards themselves, their structure and implementation, 
please email a member of the music staff at RSU #29:

Chelsea Johnson (K-5 general/vocal music) -
Mike Hutchinson (5-6 instrumental music) -
Jason Anderson (5-12 classroom/vocal music) -
Kevin Mania (7-12 instrumental music, department chairperson) -

You may also visit this website for more detained information:

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A model approach for integrating the arts in our classrooms:

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Music Education in the United States is experiencing a resurgence thanks to the most recent advocacy campaign by the National Association for Music Education.

The following video explains the core essence of the "Broader Minded" movement:

The Broader Minded Movement

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