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Room 6 - Ti kouka


Nāu mai, hoki mai ki te wahanga toru!  We are very busy and the year is whizzing by.  

The HVS junior syndicate will have a focus on 'wai - water' this term.  The main aspect will be learning about floating and sinking and the science behind this.  Your child will have come home with an experiment sheet to try at home.  We will analyse our findings and then look at what we want to know and find out next.

SumDog is a learning website for schools in the curriculum areas of mathematics, reading and spelling.  Houghton Valley students currently have access to the mathematics category from years 3-6.  In Ti kouka we are working through Levels 1 and 2  with a focus on number knowledge.  These leves are appropriate for our age-group.  The class usually use the website during numeracy times and have 15 minute rotations to work through as many questions as possible in that timeframe.  Students can also access the website from home and a maximum time of half an hour per day is recommended.

Over the last part of term two and the beginning of term three, we have had a focus on 'Tihei Māuri Ora' and gaining an understanding of what a school in Aotearoa should look and be like through works of art.  

Below are some examples of artwork that Ti kouka worked on for the unit.



HVS Aquatics
We have started HVS School Swimming and it has been great for all our whanau to support this very important part of the curriculum and a key initiative to keep out tamariki safe in the waters of Aotearoa.

Phonological Awareness - Term Three

The HVS Junior school continues to conduct our phonological awareness system four times per week, from Monday to Thursday at 9.10 - 9.30 am. This involves students being placed into an appropriate stage to work with a different teacher throughout the terms.  The children move through to the different levels depending on what stage they are at.

* Stage 2/3 in Ngaio/Mahoe with NE/Year 1 with Jos 
* Stage 4 in Mahoe with Nicola
* Stage 5B in Rimu with Michelle 
* Stage 6 in Harakeke with Jill
* Stage 5A and 7 in Ti Kouka with Whaea Monnie


Nau mai, hoki mai ki tēnēi wahanga 2 o 2018.  Welcome to term two everyone!

Marilyn and I have had a lovely start to term two and we also welcomed a VUW Student from the College of Education, Isabella Wicks.  

We had four weeks to prepare ourselves for the school production.  We had some help from one of our parents, Bret McKenzie and Sam Moore supported us with making props.  

In week four, we performed the School Production 'WELCOME TO HAEWAII' over two nights.  The writing focus was going to be on reflective writing to help the students record their feelings and ideas about the build-up to the performances and their reflections during and after the show was over.  All of our tamariki were absolutely outstanding.  Super-proud of everyone!

The 'Finale' of the Ti kouka item.  We were amazing!

'Look out 'cos here I come!'

We are ready for action!

Bret McKenzie giving Ti kouka a 'pep-talk' about performing on stage.

Making props for our item.

Some the materials we used for our props.

Sam Moore helping us out.

The Term 2 Newsletter 
This has been shared with everyone, but please do not hesitate to contact Marilyn or myself if you have questions, queries or comments.

Phonological Awareness
Phonological Awareness is a system which teaches children all the phonological sounds required to support them with good reading and writing.  It is run daily, four times per week, with the junior syndicate and students learn the appropriate sound stage for where they are at.  The children use sound-picture cards and whiteboards with markers to record all the sounds, words and sentences that they need to become more confident with their reading, writing and spelling.

Harakeke and Ti kouka have flexible classes for reading.  Mary, Jill, Rekha and I will have mixed-ability groups from both classes.

Harakeke - children from Harakeke are expected to bring their bookbags to school everyday and take books home from their book baskets.

Ti kouka - tamariki will bring home at least 6 readers or several chapter-type journals on Tuesdays.  These books should last them the week.  They return their book bags on Mondays to be checked.


The junior syndicate have a focus on being HAPPY AND INCLUSIVE, therefore showing RESPECT.  HAEWAI cards are handed out to students who are happy in what they do, who make others happy and who are inclusive of others.

* Respect for ourselves
* Respect for others
* Respect for our environment and belongings

Please reinforce this at home too.

These were written and sent out at the end of term two and we looked forward to catching up with whānau and our tauira in week two of term three to set new goals and address anything from the reports.

During most Friday mornings from 9.15 - 10.15 am, the entire junior syndicate meet in Ngaio and give all of our junior students the opportunity to choose an 'exploration' activity in each of the different classrooms.  'Discovery' is all about using creativity to come up with an idea using different types of equipment.  Children are strongly encouraged to use their imaginations.  Some examples of 'Discovery' are construction with blocks, box construction, deconstructing electronics, dress-ups and doodling.

Many thanks to all of our whānau for coming along to the Three-Way Learning Conferences back in week 2.  It was great to catch up and check in about the Mid-year Reports as well as look at the new goals that our students set for the remainder of this term.

Rāhina - Monday:

Ti kouka students need to return their book bags to the yellow bin in the classroom after the weekend.  Whaea Monnie checks the home diaries for any messages and will write the occasional reply if needed.

Rātu - Tuesday:

Book bags that come in will be checked and returned for students to bring home.  Children can bring home six readers or one or Junior Journals and quick reads. However, the class are now becoming really wonderful readers and I am happy for them to be reading high-interest material from libraries and books they have at home. Many children are reading chapter books, which is fantastic - so they must keep that up!

Homework will be coming home occasionally for tamariki to practise.  It may consist of inquiry research around our topic of study, mathematics like basic facts or strategy work and some spelling lists.

Rāapa -- Wednesday

Nothing major scheduled on this day/

Rāpare - Thursday:

Junior school bike day.  Students can bring their own bikes from home or use the school bikes on fine days at lunchtimes. Ti kouka also has a class bike riding session scheduled for 1.50 pm on Thursday afternoons with Mrs. Bondy.

Rāmere - Friday:

We have kapa haka at 11.30 am every Friday.  

The hall will be out of use for the rest of the year as Rata have to move into it once the renovation on another new classroom begins.  Assemblies may e conducted a couple of times per term for juniors and a whole-school one towards the end of the term.  

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