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Room 6 - Ti kouka


Nau mai, hoki mai ki tēnēi wahanga 2 o 2017.  Welcome to term two everyone!

Rekha Tiwari and I are back with Ti kouka for a great second term and it is going to be so exciting. 

The HVS Bike Track is now in full swing and Mr. Ready has worked really hard to make sure all the teachers and students are organised with bike helmets, bike rules and timetables.  Ngā mihi Mr. Ready! Ko koe te pahu!  You are the bomb!

We had the Pedal Ready trainers visit us last term and they helped us to learn how to ride our bikes properly.  Below are some photos of what they did with us!  It was really cool!


Phonological Awareness - Term Two

The HVS Junior school conducts our phonological awareness system four times per week, from Monday to Thursday at 9.10 - 9.30 am. This involves students being tested and placed into a stage to work with a different teacher.  The children move through to the different levels depending on what stage they are at.

* Stage 2/3 in Ngaio/Mahoe with NE/Year 1 with Jos 
* Another Stage 2/3 in Harakeke with Year 1/2 with Jill
* Stage 4 in Mahoe with Nicola
* Stage 5 in Mahoe with Jasmine (our TA)
* Stage 6 in Ti kouka with Whaea Monnie

Phonological Awareness is a system which teaches children all the phonological sounds required to support them with good reading and writing.  It is run daily, four times per week, with the junior syndicate and students learn the appropriate sound stage for where they are at.  The children use sound-picture cards and whiteboards with markers to record all the sounds, words and sentences that they need to become more confident with their reading, writing and spelling.

Harakeke and Ti kouka have flexible classes for reading.  Mary, Jill, Rekha and I will have mixed-ability groups from both classes.

Harakeke - children from Harakeke are expected to bring their bookbags to school everyday and take books home from their book baskets.

Ti kouka - tamariki will bring home at least 6 readers or several chapter-type journals on Tuesdays.  These books should last them the week.  They return their book bags on Mondays to be checked.


Rāhina - Monday:

Ti kouka students need to return their book bags to the yellow bin in the classroom after the weekend.  Whaea Monnie checks the home diaries for any messages and will write the occasional reply if needed.

Rātu - Tuesday:

Book bags will be returned for students to bring home.  Children can bring home six readers or one or two Junior Journals.  If they have books from the school or public libraries to read at home, that is wonderful.  Many children are now reading chapter books, which is fantastic - so they must keep that up!

Homework will be coming home in week 7 next week.  It will consist of mathematics we have done in class and some spelling lists.

Rāapa -- Wednesday

Wednesday is now LIBRARY DAY.  Joanna will come into the class at 12.00 pm to read stories to the children and 

Rāpare - Thursday:
Junior school bike day.  Students can bring their own bikes from home or use the school bikes on fine days at lunchtimes.

Rāmere - Friday:

We have kapa haka at 12.00 pm.  Assemblies will now be split into odd and even numbered classes and children will be seated in their whanau groups.  This is due to the fact that we are only allowed a certain number of people in the hall, according to new fire safety rules.
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