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Read all about what we've been doing in our class in 2017!

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Notices ... 

School Library
Karaka have library sessions on Monday morning. We return and borrow new books. Joanna visits our class.

Is on alternate Fridays, run by our fantastic year 6's. We love seeing our family there. Check the newsletter or online calendar for the weeks that Karaka (Room 4) is sharing.
For homework in Karaka 
  • We need to read every night for at least 20 minutes. 
  • We need to practice basic facts nightly. 
  • We can learn the spelling  words we need from the essential words lists. 
  • We can complete homework challenges. These are probably things we are already doing! 
  • We sometimes share our strategies with people at home or teach them games we have learned. 
Term 2 Week 10
On the last day of term we shared our Treemendous landscape models. It was a great day and we were able to place them outside for parents and the rest of the school to view. What a beautiful winter's day it was!
Here are some pics of the models at various stages...

And we also started recording the Talking Books. There were some amazing readings with loads of expression and very few mistakes. Everyone must have prepared well. These will be edited over the holidays.
Unfortunately a lot of background noise is there too - skilsaws, hammers, planes, etc. from the R1/2 renovation.
Betsy at the mic!

Term 2 Week 8
We are building card models of the bank area below Room 9, which is about to be landscaped and turned into a relaxing place to spend some time. It had the following requirements:
  • Outdoor classroom on a platform
  • Paths that meander from driveway to the south entry of field
  • Multiple seating areas, reflection spaces, viewing platform
  • Sculptures and signs
  • Accessible for multiple users e.g. wheelchairs, elderly, prams
  • Bike shed and track included
  • Trees, bushes and flaxes/grasses
  • Rock formations
So we began by learning how to join card together in various ways, and this quickly developed into a 'challenge' to see who could build a table which could hold the most weight....but someone also made a swing seat!!!

Term 2 Week 6
We enjoyed the workshop with Andrea Sellwood on Wednesday, designing and creating crystal trees. These will be 'grown' and displayed at a display window in Newtown later in the month, so that lots of people can enjoy them. Below is a timelapse, taken over 18 hours, of the teacher's trees, so the students could observe the process.

YouTube Video

Term 2 Week 5 
We had a fantastic visit to the City Gallery to see the Martino Gamper exhibition '100 Chairs in 100 Days'.
We recommend that you all go and see it before it finishes in mid-August.
We also carefully examined the City-to-Sea bridge, looking at the materials, spaces and themes.
Here's a selection of pics....
Rohan sketched this great vista through the pryramid on the bridge

Week 3 Term 2
We started our NZReadaloud book, "Sinking" by David Hill.
Before the book was revealed, students had to create a book cover based on the blurb on the back of the book.
Here's a selection from the class...(click on them and they become vertical)

Week 2 Term 2
A second week of Lion Boy rich descriptions...

Lion Boy Rich Descriptions

 and some very excellent homework challenges completed...
William with his designer house              Thanks Izzy for the cupcakes!!!

Week 1 Term 2
We started the term with a mess in the classroom. Who left it like that?

      The Chair Pyramid                                 Untangling the mess                                 The final layout  

We have also been writing some 'rich descriptions' based on the teacher read book 'Lion Boy'

The ring

Old lion

Week 10 was....wet. But we still had a great EMR afternoon on Wednesday. The whole school came through and checked out our projects, along with heaps of parents. Thanks for the support! 
Eva, Noa and Lockie will be representing Karaka at the EMR Celebration Day, Monday 10, at 1pm at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre. Good Luck!

Baking on Friday was Chocolate Oat Cookies. These are easy, fast and delicious! 
Romi, Alice and Izzy sticky handed         Dark and light cocoa variations

In Week 9 we had the Pedal Ready crew in to do some training with the Year 6s on Monday and the Y5s on Tuesday. Although it was a bit foggy and damp, we managed to complete the sessions. 
      Ari setting the course instructions       Tessa and the Art of Bike Maintenance

And here's some of the isometric dot drawings...

Isometric Dot Drawings - Karaka

On Monday we went into the city and viewed three shows - 
Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga, Odd Lands (outside on waterfront),
and A Musical Conversation with Anika Moa. Here's a coupla pics...

The Cleaners of the SS Shannon              Ramona and Leah shake it up

And Friday baking was cheese scones. Two batches, no mistakes, delicious!

Heading for the oven                         Golden brown and tasty

Friday baking today (Mar 17) was blueberry muffins. One dozen were fantastic. 
The other dozen were.....sour. Too much baking powder. Ooops.



Tug 'o War - Beach Day 2017 - March 9

And here is our completed 'Drains' slide show

Karaka Drain Pics


On Tuesday Feb 28 we went snorkelling at Taputeranga Marine Reserve
Here's what we saw...
Yellow-eyed Mullet                                             Jack Mackerel                                          Mr Moki            

Strange sea creatures                                       Tarakihi                                  More weird marine mammals 

Friday is Baking Day. So far we have made white loaves and seed breads. Today Feb 24 was Pizzas.
The students brought the toppings and Mr H brought the ingredients for the bases. Here's what happened...
Preparing the toppings                                              Putting on the toppings           
Into the oven                                        Slice 'n serve 'n eat

2017 has started with a bang - and we are straight into our first Discovery Topic for the year - 
Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) - Stormwater and Drains.
Soon after an intro session with the EMR staff we will be visiting the Aquatic Centre to learn about snorkelling, and then a week or so later it's off to the Taputeranga Marine Reserve to check out the wildlife - cooooool!
Then we have another class session where we plan an Action Project to inform the school community about how drains lead to the sea, and what we can do to prevent rubbish and pollutants reaching the sea life.
Look out for the consent forms and parent requests coming home.

Friday 17 Feb - Today we went to the pool and practised snorkelling. Here's some pics... 
          The one-armed snorkeller                               Snorkel Buddies                                Strange Sea Creatures

               Smile and Wave                                           Guess who???                           Listening to the Boss - Sarah

Karaka have been making bread already - because baking is fun and a great skill to encourage.

            Seed bread rising in the tin                    Harry measuring out the flour                         Betsy with the seed mix             
Bruno with the white bread dough              Sofia heading for the oven

History Dept. - below here are 2016 blogs

 Beautiful Art

During Term 1 we created portrait art that was inspired by the great artist Pablo Picasso. Our paintings are in Picasso's cubist style. We learnt to mix primary colours to create secondary colours and varied shades. We love how fun these look in our classroom!



In Term 2 we were inspired by the great artist Vincent van Gogh and learnt about the Post-Impressionsim style. We had a go creating our own post impression painting using pastel. We worked hard to create movement and layer our small strokes.  

We also worked together to recreate van Gogh's famous Starry Night Painting. 

In Term 3 we are being inspired by MANY famous artists when we do our Senior Syndicate Visual Arts Rotation. We are enjoying being with different people and teachers and learning heaps of new art skills! 

Check back soon for some examples of our work from this term  


100th Day of School!  

At the start of Term 2 we celebrated 100 days of fun and learning at school.
Over the holidays we collected things that showed 100.


Ewan made the number 100 on Mine-craft  Marceline created a Lego Masterpiece.              Lucy collected 100 shells
using 100 blocks                                                                                                                                       on a beach trip!


Lily and Zarin worked together to create                 Suavek made a montage of great footballers.     Joe made a popcorn chain with 100 a symmetrical pattern on a 100 board                                                                                                    pieces of popcorn after watching                                                                                                                                                                                    a movie. 
Myles made a shape face with 100 foam pieces. 

We shared them with our class and had a chance looking at other classes collections.
We had a challenge to work in groups to think of 100 words that were related to school. We worked in groups to try and beat Miss Bosch. It was a pretty close race ... 


At writing we were inspired with some 100 day Writing starters such as ... If I had 100 dollars ... I wish I had 100 ... but not 100 ... In 100 years the world will be ... 
Here are a couple of our pieces. They show that we expanded our idea by adding more detail.

In the afternoon we spent time in our whanau groups working on 100 day projects. Kahurangi used their creativity to create things out of different objects like cups, matchsticks, paperclips and cards. Of course they had to use 100 of these objects! 


Spotlight on great writing ... 

Have a read of some of the amazing writing coming out of Karaka this year!

At the start of Term 2 we wrote moment in time recounts. They were based on our holidays. We focused on painting a picture in the readers head, writing a good beginning to hook the reader. 



Learning Links

Check out the links below to help you with your learning at home. 

Let us know if you discover any other great sites!

Check out the information for whanau about maths at school and how you can help at home

Login with your username and password to practice basic facts by playing fun games!

Spelling City has games and tests to help you learn all your words from the Essential Words Lists.
                                          Check out School A to Z. An Australian website that has heaps of great information about different areas of learning at school from English to Maths and beyond. A great reference website.
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