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Room 3 - Nikau

Nau mai, haere mai ki Nikau o te tau 2017
Welcome to Nikau 2017

Head over to our new site to find out the latest news from Nikau
Read on to find out what we get up to, find links to useful learning places or find out information that relates to us and our learning.


Nikau Library Session
Our library session is on a Monday afternoon. Joanna will be visiting our class  and running her library session. Children will be able to continue issuing books to take home during lunchtimes and the library space is available for use during some lunchtimes.
Here is the link to the library catalogue

As Year 5 and 6 students we should be reading every night for at least 20 mins. This can be fiction or non-fiction, a book, a magazine or a newspaper. It could be something we are reading at school or personal choice.

We also need to practice our basic facts. Basic facts can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts. We should be able to recall answer within three seconds. we learn list of cool games in class to help with these so these games can be shared at home. NZMaths has some good ideas for supporting maths at home.
We can learn the spelling  words we need from the essential words lists. 

We can complete  homework challenges.
Lots of these things we may be doing anyway. There is a link to this at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes the most important homework can be done by sitting around the table at dinner time and sharing about our day, our learning, our challenges and successes. 

Week 10 Term 2
It was great to end our term sharing with our school community our Treemendous models. It was a sunny afternoon and we were able to have our models out on display for everyone to see. They were a fantastic culmination of our work this term and showed great technical skills, and I know the problem solving and collaboration skills that were also learnt in the making of these. 




Week 8 Term 2

We are building models of the bank area below Room 9, our Treemendous area.Which is about to be landscaped and turned into a relaxing place to spend some time. It has the following requirements:
  • Outdoor classroom on a platform
  • Paths that meander from driveway to the south entry of field
  • Multiple seating areas, reflection spaces, viewing platform
  • Sculptures and signs
  • Accessible for multiple users e.g. wheelchairs, elderly, prams
  • Bike shed and track included
  • Trees, bushes and flaxes/grasses
  • Rock formations
We are creating these in groups with Karaka, watch this space to see how they end up. They are an opportunity for us to put into practice the skills we have been learning for attaching cardboard and paper in different ways.

Week 7 Term 2
What a crazy busy week this has been. We have been involved in lots of extra on top of the normal learning this week. On Wednesday we had a visit from an illustrator, Grant Snow, he shared with us some of the process of illustrating a picture book and also gave us some tips on how to draw characters. This week was our school book week, we had dress ups, we made models of our favourite scene from a book and enjoyed buddy reading with the kids in Ti Kouka.


Week 6 Term 2

Great to have opportunities to build ties across the school, in the playground and sharing what we have been learning.

On Wednesday we were lucky to have Andrea Selwood (Ferne's mum) in for an art workshop called Hothouse Indicators. Her explores the cross over between art and science and themes around climate change and water. These trees are the first stage of this art project ... they will have a crystal solution added to them and we are planning on having an exhibition in Newtown. 

YouTube Video

Week 10 - this week we watched this video and did some pretty cool writing

YouTube Video


Race the tube

Race the tube recount

Week 8 - we had an awesome day today at the Capital E Arts Festival It was cool to be in the city exploring the wonders that Wellington has to offer.

Week 6 - This week our writing has been inspired by being involved in the School Kits, Get NZ Writing promotion. We have been writing metaphor and found poems. It has been awesome to see the enthusiasm this has created in our classroom.

Read our writing about our Marine Reserve Experience

Yuck! The slimy seaweed tickled my ankles I hate it I started to

cry underwater even though it sounded funny I couldn’t stop.

After we passed the monstrous weed we couldn’t see much

but then out of nowhere a huge blue cod or moki I don’t

really know swam past us it was huge with a small white

stripe on it’s back.

I wanted to call someone else but it swam away to quickly.

by Isabella 

Splash! As I dived into the freezing cold water, I look around me and I think I am going to see the most amazing fish, but I don’t. I see yucky fish egg swirling around like a storm.

As I take a closer look I see how disgusting they really are. For some reason I felt scared that all those eggs will go down my breathing pipe and into my mouth. I said to myself “I’m going deeper.” So I go deeper and realise how amazing it really is, fish as long as my arm and beautiful clear water.

As I got out I said “I’m coming back next year.”

by Fraser


Splash I was in! The water collapses over me like a waterfall, it seeks through my wet suit the cold reaches me, man it was cold.

Me ,mum and Leroy start going in. There were big bushes of seaweed that looked like big under water forests. The instructor called to us come and look at this big school of Banded wrass they looked amazing they were all shiny with a blue and yellow dot in the middle of them.

We started swimming to the flag. We passed heaps of seaweed and a few fish one of the fish was a really dark brown it was really cool. Finally we were at the flag it bobbed up and down like a ship on the sea.  There was a rope going down from the flag into the water.

Then we started heading back to the shore. On the way back I saw a sea cucumber it had weird stringy things .I decided to take a closer look and dive down under the surface.

We kept on heading back the sea weed flows back and forth like it’s drawn by an invisible force. Then suddenly the seaweed started getting smaller and smaller then it turned into sand.  I looked up the beach only a few metres away I got up with mum and Leroy.  We were all freezing we quickly got dressed. It was heaps of fun.

by Manawa


Brown seaweed brushed past me and made me look up, I don’t like seaweed very much it creeps me out! I looked up to see we were heading for the rocks.

“Uh-Oh, dad… DAD!!” I nudged dad gently as we moved closer and closer to the rocks. He looked up.

“What’s wrong?” “We’re heading for the rocks!” I said, scared.

“Uhh doesn’t matter,” he replied carelessly and ducked his head down again.

I did the same and saw a big brown fish with silver stripes on it. Wow! I thought and lost all my nerve.

“Wook at hat” Hayley exclaimed excitedly. What in the world was she saying??!! But then I realised she was pointing at the fish.

Suddenly I breathed and a wave of salt water splashed into my mouth. I rose above the surface and took the snorkel out of my mouth. “Ughh!! Salt water!!” I said disgusted.

I ducked my head down and saw a huge piece of seaweed about five centimetres away from me!

“AHHHHH!!!” I screamed. Dad and Hayley cracked up laughing.

“Not tunny!” I grumbled.

“Peaweed not Peary!!” Hayley said laughing.

“Okay” I mumbled and soon joined in with the laughter.

by Alexia


We had an awesome time on Tuesday snorkeling in the Taputeranga Marine Reserve at Island Bay. We saw lots of sea creatures and 
found some pretty gross rubbish on our storm water walk. It certainly has sparked lots of ideas and discussion for our action projects.


Some photos from Week 4
 This week we noticed lots of rubbish around our school, so on Thursday afternoon we decided to do something about it. We got all this in about ten minutes!! We decided that some of it must have been carried here by the wind as it didn't look like the sort of rubbish that would come from kids.
Playing a game of scatter ball with Karaka

Practicing our small ball skills, throwing, bouncing and catching a tennis ball. 

Some of our self portraits created using collage, inspired by NZ artist Gavin Hurley.

Our first discovery topic for the year which we are learning about with Karaka is ..
Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) - 
Stormwater and Drains.

Our focus for this topic is the impact of stormwater on our marine environment.

Soon after an intro session with the EMR staff we will be visiting the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre to learn about snorkeling, and then a week or so later it's off to the Taputeranga Marine Reserve to check out the wildlife.

Then we have another class session where we plan an Action Project to inform the school community about how drains lead to the sea, and what we can do to prevent rubbish and pollutants reaching the sea life.

Keep checking back for updates and or information about what we are doing.

Learning about all the different pollutants that affect our marine environment 

Playing scatterball, a good game to help us understand what it means to work together as a team 

Our Planning Site
In Nikau we plan our day. Here is the link to our planing site.

We are learning to use Twitter to share what we are doing check us out and follow us.

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