Welcome to Rimu's Class Page
Rimu are an awesome bunch of Year 3 and 4 students learning at Houghton Valley School.

What's on this Term ... 


Please name everything and pack an extra big lunch 


Middle School Assembly 
Week 5 & Week 9 
Friday 2:15 in the Hall

We have a whole school Assembly in Week 10

Bike Track 

The bike track is up and running! Everyone now has a school helmet and we are riding the bikes during school time. Rimu can ride the school bikes at lunch time on even week Thursdays. You can still bring your own bike in on that day! 
Tuesdays are bring your own bike day for Year 3/4

School Library 
We have our library sessions with Joanna on a Wednesday afternoon. Please encourage your child to bring back their library books before they are overdue and to issue new books at morning tea and lunch time. 

Marine Reserve Trip 





Treemendous Makeover & Visits from Rudd and Riley. 

On Friday we had visits from Rudd Kleinpaste and Riley Elliot. They came to school to talk to us about Sharks and Insects and how we can look after the world. Then on Saturday we had our Treemendous Makeover at school. Lots of us came to school to create our cool new outdoor space. 

Tree Planting Week 3 Term 3

This week we planted trees in the rain forest with the kids from Rata and Ti kokua. We had heaps of fun planting and getting a bit muddy. 


When we got back to the classroom, we thought of different things we could write based on our experience. 

Book Week 2017 

We enjoyed Book Week in week 7 of term 2. All the year 3's and 4's studied the author Kyle Mewburn by reading his Dragon Knight Series. We got to choose what book from the series we wanted to read. We read about the adventures of Merek the shape shifting dragon boy. 

Then we were lucky enough to get to skype Kyle on Thursday afternoon. Kyle was very funny and we enjoyed listening to him and asking him questions. 

The teachers all advertised a story they were going to read after morning tea and we got to choose what story we listened too. Miss Bosch really enjoyed reading stories to lots of different kids. These are the stories she picked.


On Friday we were able to dress up as a book character. We had Tintin, Willy Wonka, Wilbur, Little Red Riding Hood, Legolas, a Zebra, The Boy in the Dress, Toothless, Mary Poppins visit the class along with a couple of Harry Potters and his best friend Hermione Granger. It was heaps of fun dressing up. 

We were lucky to have Rosie's Mum, Henri's Mum and Evan's Mum read us some stories too! 

Matariki Stars 

Check out these awesome stars Rimu made with Mrs Pontifex while they were learning about Matariki this week. We love how they brighten up our classroom! 


School Cross Country 

On 25th of May Houghton Valley School held their cross country race.
Read some of our writing about our race day! 

Cross Country Tuesday 
By Elias 

On Tuesday I was sick but I still went to school. It 
was cross country Tuesday. I had to do it. When it 
was time my heart was pounding. I just ran! When 
I was at the end my whole body was aching.When 
I got back to the class I was happy because I could just sit back and relax. 
Cross Country!
By Maddie

It was a cold day. it was also Cross Country day. 
The year 3's were waiting to be called. I was 
nervous. Finally we were called and we lined up. 
Clink! Mr Ready snapped a snapper and we 
began running. We were on the bike track and 
I was already tired. We ran and ran an finally 
reached the rain forest. We ran through the rest 
and finished. Smiling, Louise put on my hand a number. I was third!I found my brother at the
 finish line. It was the end and I felt proud in fact, 
I felt very proud.  

The Girls set off! 


Get NZ Writing 

In Week 5 Miss Bosch shared with us some exciting news! A parcel arrived for us which included lots of activities for us to complete. Once we completed them, she told us they would create a picture for another class somewhere in New Zealand so they would know more about us. We found out that somewhere in New Zealand another class of year 3 & 4 children were completing the same activities to send to us! 

We spent the next two weeks learning about descriptive writing and language features that help paint a picture in the readers head. We wrote metaphor poems about our families, our class and ourselves. 

Below are some of the postcards we wrote our best metaphor from our poem on.

I wonder who this metaphor is describing?

Finally we completed the class poster together. Then Miss Bosch packed it all up so the courier could come and collect it and deliver it to our mystery school. We can't wait to receive our parcel in the mail! Check back soon ... we'll share what we've received in our parcel!

Learning Links

Check out the links below to help you with your learning at home. 

Let us know if you discover any other great sites!

Lots of great maths games to use to learn basic facts! 

Check out the information for whanau about maths at school and how you can help at home

Login with your username and password to practice basic facts by playing fun games!

Spelling City has games and tests to help you learn all your words from the Essential Words Lists.
                                          Check out School A to Z. An Australian website that has heaps of great information about different areas of learning at school from English to Maths and beyond. A great reference website.