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Room 1 Pohutukawa

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Lola made some yummy scones and she brought them in with a bowl of whipped cream and some blueberry jam. It was a homework challenge.
YUM!!!!!  Thanks Lola!

Here's Lola's Presentation about making the scones...

Baking scones and jam

Lost property box! 


Tabitha's gruesome character description of the Big Bad Wolf! 

The Big Bad Wolf

Mr Holmstead came to Pohutukawa and we did some experiments about heat using balloons.
We had to predict what would happen at each stage.


What would happen when the balloon was held over the candle?

Because the candle heat was rising and burnt a hole in the balloon.

Then we put half a cup of water into a balloon and blew it up. What would happen when we held it over the candle? There were lots of theories. Sean said it would expand. Islei said the balloon would burst and the water would put the candle out. What really happened?

 Not much!

But why? Samuel said it was because the water kept the balloon cool. Well done! The water absorbed the heat and stopped the balloon from bursting.

So what would happen when the balloon was placed right on top of the glass? Phoenix said it would go bang. Hayley said the balloon would fill with steam. What really happened?


The balloon stopped oxygen getting to the flame and the flame went out. It took seven seconds. Fire cant burn without oxygen. 

Next, we placed a balloon on the neck of a bottle.
 What would happen when the bottle was placed in a jug of cold water? Lots of theories here. 
Nothing much happened. So we discussed how things usually expanded when they got hotter and contracted when they got colder. So...what would happen when the bottle was placed in a jug of boiling water? Sean said the balloon would explode. Isabella said the balloon would expand with steam. Lets see.....
And what would happen when the bottle was taken out of the boiling water? We placed it on the window sill and....

...it deflated (got smaller) because the air inside went back to its normal temperature.

Last term we made a giant yummy fruit salad. 
We then made our own fruit salad recipes 
Gabrielle Harvey,
2 May 2016, 21:04