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Room 5 - Harakeke

Welcome to 2017 
Naumai Haere Mai! 
We are all hoping for a great day for the cross country event on Wednesday 24 May or Friday 26 May if it needs to be postponed.  

Book bags are needed everyday and children need to bring them into class before 9am and put them in the bookbag box in Harakeke themselves. 

Term 1 
We have been learning to play games with a parachute. We needed to cooperate together to play the games. Sometimes we needed to stop and work out how to solve our problems or help each other more by making some new rules. 

The Bike Track

Term 1 
We painted a parachute to remember our experiences and wrote how playing games helps us learn about rules and cooperating. We even cooperated when we painted together to get our task finished.

We are reading books about cooperating and making sure we include people even though we can all have different ideas. We shared ideas about being friends Harakeke after reading a book 'Our House'. Then we made a class Treaty for Harakeke and signed that we agree to follow the class rules.

Term 2 
Autumn is a time for collecting seeds
How many seeds are in this giant sunflower?

 Sunflower Seeds

Jill had a giant sunflower. It had lots of seeds. We wanted to find out how many seeds we could have each?

We predicted we had lots of seeds to share evenly. 100, 200, 1000, 99, 220. We set out a 100 board to help with the counting.

At first, we counted in 2s. Then we counted the rows in 10s. Soon we found we had 100 seeds, then 200 seeds... and finally we had 240 seeds. That meant there were enough seeds for us to have 10 seeds each.

We noticed there were lots more seeds left over in the sunflower head. We had taken about half of the seeds. Now we think there must be another 240 seeds left to share out again.

If we are right, that would be a lot of seeds from one giant sunflower!

240 + 240 =        ?

We took our seed packets home and gave another packet away. People asked us when the weather will be warmer for planting the seeds. We think August may be warm enough when it is Spring.

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