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Daily Schedule
 Period Time
  8:10-9:06  Algebra I
 2nd   9:11-10:05  BBMS
 3rd  10:10-11:04 Algebra I
 4th  11:09-12:03 Prep
 5th  12:38-1:32  Algebra I
 6th   1:37-2:31 Prep
 Algebra I

My Son Everest, My Super Hero.

Best Time to Reach Me
Anytime by Email: bleach@houghton.k12.mi.us
Phone or Appointment:
Phone: 482-0450 Ext. 1250

Special Note:  Thank you to all that have helped with supporting us in Everest's fight versus cancer.  He is doing well and is building back towards some sense of a normal life.  For updates you can go to his Caring Bridge website.