Cybersmart learning is embedded in our Uru Mānuka goals and supports our learn, create, share pedagogy.

Being Cybersmart empowers our learners as connected citizens, and their learning as visible and accessible, anytime, any place, at any pace.  Cybersmart young people learn to make smart decisions in digital learning environments and understand that every time they connect, collaborate and share online it combines to create their digital footprint.

Each cybersmart category includes key learning concepts that are critical to enabling our young people to make smart decisions when learning, creating and sharing online.

The initial learning shared within each of the cybersmart categories is designed to support teachers and learners who are new to the 1:1 digital learning environment.

The Uru Mānuka Cybersmart curriculum is structured and delivered differently at the primary and secondary schools, to better fit context and learner needs. Content will overlap between the two settings in the early years of Uru Mānuka, as learners develop new skills.



About Cybersmart Learning
Smart Footprint
Smart Relationships





Smart Learners
Smart Media
Smart Surfing





Smart and Legal
Smart Money
Smart Values





Smart Teachers
Smart Parents
Smart Teens



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