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The latest news from Horley Row Community Pre-school.

Events this term

                                                         This term exploring  Celebrations, cultures and beliefs - Christmas fun 

This weeks news: 

Wednesday Dress rehearsal for all children 11.00 - please drop your child off if you can - collect at 12.15 if not their session.

Thursday - Breakfast club children as normal 8.00 am 
Session starts as normal at 9.00 please come in party clothes and bring food items you have signed up for. Children that come in the afternoon, should come at 9.00 am as a swooped session. 
12.15 Santa should be arriving, please come along if you would like to see your child get their gift.                                       

12.30 Home time all children collected / no afternoon session

Friday - Breakfast club children as normal 8.00 am 
Session starts at normal time 9.00 am
Children that do not attend Fridays am should arrive for 10.50 to settle in. Children that attend just pm session should arrive at 9.00 am with morning children to swoop their session time.

Parents to arrive around 11.05 to get parked, there is lots of parking on side roads if the car park in the setting is full.

11.15 parents invited to be seated ready for Nativity to begin. 
At the end there is a cake sale, dependent on cakes coming in. Raffle will be drawn.

Home time parents not attending the show should arrive to collect at 12.15, but we probably will over run.