Concerts are Coming!

(Please ensure you have the correct dates/times/uniform for the concerts)

Upcoming Dates:

Grade 8 Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Hopkappella, Honors Chorus:

Wed, May 29th: 7pm HMS Auditorium

Grade 8 Blue Man Group Trip: Friday, May 31st Boston, MA

Grade 6: Chorus, Band, Orchestra

Tuesday, June 4th: 7pm (HIGH School Athletic Center)

Grade 7: Chorus, Band, Orchestra

Wed, June 5th: 7pm : HMS Auditorium

Students are allowed to wear color for this concert, although the concert black would be fine as well. We ask that all students follow a "Country Club Casual" dress code:

Male style dress code: Collared shirt (polo style or button down) with dress or khaki style pants. (If the weather is extremely hot, we will allow dress/khaki shorts that are knee length for the students following the Male dress code as they would not all be comfortable in a skirt or dress. (No tie is needed for this concert).

Female style dress code:

Dress/Skirt/Pants with a blouse/nice shirt (sleeveless/off shoulder ok, but not strapless for stage please). All Dress codes need to follow the KNEE length rule or longer as we will be on risers. You are more than welcome to use leggings under a skirt or dress that is not knee length to compensate.

You are welcome to follow whichever dress code is most comfortable to you regardless of what the gender style is. I only write gender specific due to the way the stores sell clothing.

Please see the Concert Page or the Choral Handbook for more info!

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