The Southwest Folk Alliance staff wrote about Owl & Panther's background and Museum as Sanctuary exhibit in this August 2015 Borderlore article. 

The inspiring anthology edited by Ann Dernier includes poems by Owl & Panther participants, volunteers, and esteemed writers including Nancy Mairs, Richard Shelton, Donna Steiner, Demetria Martinez, Ken Kennon and Meg Files. For information about how to purchase a copy please visit  Antigone Books at

               Owl & Panther's work with The Comic Book Project is included in these fine publications:


In a September 2002 Tucson Weekly article Marge Pellegrino writes about the positive impact that Owl and Panther has on its participants and gives the reader an idea of how the program began. 


Real refuge by Josh Morgan gives the reader an idea of what a typical Tuesday evening is like at Owl and Panther. The participants open up about their experiences and give us insight on the many struggles that refugees face. Related slide show:


The University of Arizona's Poetry Center invited Owl & Panther to respond to drawings by Vietnamese children in their Speak Peace exhibit. This was the first activity we had, where our participants addressed their backgrounds directly. Thanks to guidance from Christopher McIlroy's workshop with our volunteers, the participants expressed their response through poetry, drama and music in front of an applauding audience at the University of Arizona's Poetry Center.