Metrics is weighted to promote level or scope of integration (5 highest)





Community presence and participation

Kiwanis Member, Rotary Member, County Leadership Program,  Volunteer w/typical community volunteers, Theater member, Community cooking class, 

A knitting group meets every Monday @ Roscoe.  Certain individuals from the home are a part of the weekly gathering.  The group including staff plans for upcoming events and brainstorms ways the group can be a part of and give back to the community.  

An advocacy group is held every Thursday at the local library.  The staff drop the person off as he is the secretary of the group and returns 2 hours later to pick him up. 

An individual with a staff member attend church weekly and participate in church activities. 

An individual joins a fitness class and attends regularly. 


Community participation

1st Friday, Jazz & Rib Festival, Theater Performance, Relay for Life, Community Fitness class initial, Organizational Fundraiser ie: kickball tournament, golf, duck races,  casino night @ organization, Haircut @ favorite salon bi-weekly,

A group of individuals with staff volunteer at a food shelter and pass out food to those in need.

An individual has been corresponding with a local chapter of the Kiwanis club.  Most of the correspondence has been by email or the chapter website.  A formal gathering has been organized to take place at the Kiwanis hall.  This will give the opportunity for the individual to socialize and network with Kiwanis members.                 

Special Olympics Bowling, CBDD Hopewell School Dance


Community trip


Food, Fun, Shopping

Shopping,  Going out to eat, Zoo, Picnic, Riverboat ride,

An outing is scheduled to visit Cleveland Browns stadium.  This tour will visit the press box, the locker room and the field.  Participants will get a chance to learn about the history of the Browns and get a behind the scene tour.

A group goes on an outing to the park for a barbecue.  Staff brings food for grilling and activities such as corn hole and Frisbee.

A group of individuals obtain a membership at the local recreational center.  They attend on a weekly basis and participate in various activities. 

Medical/Dental  Appointment


Work center w/reverse integration (target 30% typical)


Home with 3 or less

Mayor, chamber staff, celebrity chef, nurse volunteer w/safety committee, Community Meal @ Organization,


Work center


Home with 4 or more

 The organization is hosting a holiday event and all individuals participate.   

A home of 6 individuals refuse to go on a scheduled outing and decided to play board games, watch movies and eat popcorn.