About the Class

One of our main goals in teaching middle school math is to get students excited about math.  The Connected Mathematics Program (CMP) that Hope Academy uses is strong in giving students the skills develop as problem solvers and thinkers.  Students are also required to complete a project at the completion of each CMP book.  These are projects that I have developed to show students real-life examples of how math is used.  These projects are designed to get students excited about math.  Each day students are also required to complete homework centered around the skills they have been working on in class.

Hope Academy uses the Connected Mathematics Program (CMP) for middle school math.
Here are the books and topics studied in each grade.

 6th Grade
 7th Grade (Pre-Algebra)
 8th Grade (Algebra)
 Prime Time - Factors & Multiples
 Bits & Pieces II - Fractions, Decimals & Percents
 Filling & Wrapping - Volume & Surface Area
 Data About Us - Data & Statistics
 Variables & Patterns - Pre-Algebra
 Samples & Populations - Data & Statistics
 Shapes & Designs - 2-D Shapes
 Accentuate the Negative - Positive & Negative Numbers Moving Straight Ahead - Algebra (Linear Relationships)
 Bits & Pieces I - Fractions, Decimals & Percents
 Stretching & Shrinking - Scale Factor Looking for Pythagoras - The Pythagorean Theorem
 Covering & Surrounding - Area & Perimeter
 Comparing & Scaling - Proportions & Ratios
 Growing, Growing, Growing - Algebra (Exponential Relationships)
 How Likely Is It? - Probability
 What Do You Expect? - Probability
 Frogs, Fleas, & Painted Cubes - Algebra (Quadratic Relationships)

Grades are made up of the following 3 categories.
The following is the grading scale for math.

 90% +
 70% C
 60% D
 59% -