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Math Web Sites

Decimals Games Recommended by Abigail:

Suggest a Math Website

This is a list of math web sites that were recommended to me.  Let me know which ones you think are the best.
Figure This! Problem solving challenges for the whole family
Illuminations Interactive math activities from NCTM
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Online activities in all strands and various grade levels
Fun Mathematics Lessons Many activites that correlate well with CMP topics
CMP Home Page A wealth of information and resources for CMP classrooms
Math Dictionary Not sure of a math word? Look it up and find examples and pictures
Sudoku for Kids Logic puzzles for reasoning practice and fun
Bookmaking Making booklets can be used to explore shapes and practice measuring
Math Forum A classic site with Ask Dr. Math
The MegaPenny Project Do you like to count money?
Powers of Ten Shows relative sizes in the real world
Math Puzzles Lots of puzzles and patterns to find
Cut-the-Knot Lots of activities and at a variety of levels