About Mr. Bertrand

NAME: Mr. Dave Bertrand 

SCHOOL PHONE: 508-634-2217 x5612

I studied my undergrad at Keene State College, where I majored in technology studies and education. After that, I received my masters degree in technology education from Ball State  
                                                                                        University.   Here at Hopedale Jr/Sr High, I teach the following courses:
-Engineering Design
      -Explore 8: Exploring Technology
        -Explore 9: Engineering Technology,
          -Careers in Construction I and II.

           I also advise the robotics club after school. I can be reached by email at dbertrand@hopedaleschools.org, or by phone at the extension listed above.


          It is my goal as technology education teacher to facilitate students in their life-long journey of becoming technologically literate problem solvers and communicators.
          Students will use all available technology to solve real world design problems. Assignments are designed to integrate math, science, art, and English with technology.