Mrs. LaBrode

Grade 8 Students
We are looking for parents/local professionals who are working in STEM fields and might be interested in helping us to provide students with more information about STEM careers.  If you are interested, please click on the link above and complete a very brief survey. 
Announcements:   Donations of hand sanitizer and kleenex would be greatly appreciated.  On a daily basis students are handling lab supplies and equipment and I would like to have hand sanitizer at each lab bench.  
Homework: Homework will be explained in class, written on the board and updated daily on the web page. Students are expected to record homework in the agenda.  Parents can help out by checking the website, looking at the agenda and reviewing completed homework.  It is suggested that each student have a folder (two pocket or accordion) for homework.  You can help your student by encouraging them to clean out/organize their portfolio at least once a week.
Late Assignment Policy: The highest grade that will be given for a late homework assignment is a 65.  All assignments (labs, worksheets, projects, etc) must be turned in within one week of the due date for credit.  Assignments that are more than one week late will not be accepted for credit and a grade of 0 will be entered into the grade book. 
Parent Portal: The parent portal is a great way for parents and students to monitor progress.  Daily labs and homework assignments are usually recorded in the portal within a few days.  Please allow at least one week for test and project grades to be posted.  
Telephone: 508-488-5694

Check out some great STEM Resources and see what I learned in the summer of 2013! I got to meet Danny Forster from Build it Bigger.