Welcome to 7th grade English!  I hope you are ready to learn and to put forward your best effort in this class!  EVERYBODY LEARNS HERE~I cannot wait to experience all of your unique and special talents and see how they will help us to create a wonderful, supportive learning environment.  

Things we did this week:

8/30-9/1:  Got acquainted with human scavenger hunt, introducing yourself worksheet, TED TALK, selected outside reading books, general housekeeping, and classroom management.

9/6-9/9:  Summer reading book talks and presentations, 6 word memoirs, class meeting, fire drill, literary terms pre-assessment, intro to poetry, "I Like Being Me" poem, reading poetry "cheat sheet", began "All About Me" poem.  Poetry circuits next week!

9/12-9/23:  Continued to work on our poetry unit, worked in our cooperative groups, did poetry group presentations, went to the book fair, elected new class officers, started GOOGLE slideshows on our literary terms, met with our advisory group.

9/24-9/28:  Finished poetry terms presentations, finished two part literary terms quiz, began informational text unit.