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          Unit 4
Chapter 14

Europe & Russia: 
Chapter 14

Essential Question: What forces work for & against supranational cooperation among nations?

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We are now "traveling to the Europe and Russia". Europe and Russia occupy part of the huge landmass called Eurasia.  Eurasia reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.  It is so large that geographers divided into two continents, Europe and Asia.  Europe and Russia share a landscape of sweeping plains and rugged mountains.  Large rivers wander across the broad plains and drain into three of the world's four oceans. We will "visit" some of the countries in Europe by watching videos and looking at photographs. We will be  also be examining the forces that work for and against supranational cooperation among nations in Europe The EU (European Union.)

In addition to learning the content, the students will continue to practice note-taking skills, and mapping skills.  There will be  Chapter Test for each chapter of this region.

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