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Monsoon Asia

On our next unit we will be studying Monsoon Asia.  Monsoon 
Asia begins at the western border of India. From there, it reaches east to the Pacific Ocean.  In the north, it spreads across China to the Korean Peninsula. A large peninsula south of China includes Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We will continue our routine of using our mapping lab packet to utilize our map skills to study this part of the world.  

Our main emphasis will be from our Geography Alive textbook, Chapter 27 Waiting for the Rains: The Effects of Monsoon in South Asia, Chapter 30 China: The World's Most Populous Country, and Chapter 31 Population Density in Japan: Life in a Crowded country. The students will continue learning about taking notes from a textbook. A teacher copy will be given as a study guide for their chapter test.  Additional materials such as videos, online information, class discussions and hard copy information will be given to learn about the Monsoon Asia.